The Arti: the Adventure Begins 「奇人密碼:古羅布之謎」

This has got to be one of the strangest movies I’ve come across. :o A rather eclectic and creative production, to say the least.

From watching the trailer,  the film very much feels like Pili Puppets 霹靂布袋戲 meets Avatar meets Star Wars meets Game of Thrones meets Disney meets Marvel, and I’m sure I’m missing some other cinematographical references here.

Released in February 2015, the movie prides itself in being the first full-on Taiwanese (or 華人 as it’s put in the marketing material o_O ) production to mix 3D animation and real life glove puppets action, and have a 3D film version of it, quite the niche for a cinema genre. Continue reading The Arti: the Adventure Begins 「奇人密碼:古羅布之謎」

Opizza – Oh yes! (khh)

BBQ veggies, and Margherita pizza.

When I first heard of Opizza, they were still exclusively operating as an online ordering business. Since then, they’ve opened a shop in Aozihdi 凹子底, with the online ordering system still in effect. A few tables are available for those wanting to dine-in, but there’s also a big park with a pond nearby which makes it a popular picnic destination.

Earlier this month, to recover from a grey week-end in Taipei, I finally went and checked it out, looking for some badly needed junk comfort food. Continue reading Opizza – Oh yes! (khh)

April 2015 – 亡羊補牢

The crane who was also a giraffe, sailing aboard the Ocean Researcher I, seen here taking a rest. Spotted at the Pier-2 Art Center 駁二, Kaohsiung 高雄.

If I didn’t blog much in April, I’m at least happy to have finally published the book review of 《我的青春、我的FORMOSA》, and even mustered the energy to write a French version of the post, oh la la! If you’re studying Chinese or are already a Chinese literate  and looking for a friendly introduction to the recent history of Taiwan, I highly recommend it.

Looking up information, writing and translating used up more blogging bandwidth than expected, and so partly explains the slower activity around here, as of late. Continue reading April 2015 – 亡羊補牢

Up, Up, Up

Vertical World Circuit 2015.
Vertical World Circuit 2015.

So, I signed-up for the 4rth edition of the Taipei 101 Run Up, taking place on May 3rd. The online registration went without a hitch, it was easy, so easy, that I forgot it meant walking up the second tallest building in the world. XD The 3000 individual spots did  get snatched off in two days, so the event surely enjoys some popularity.

Though confident that my daily dose of cycling and walking was enough to keep me in shape, I still figured it’d be a good idea to train a little (duh!), especially after reading the detailed race review from a Vertical Run pro. So, two weeks ago, I went and walked about a thousand stairs at a fast pace, a more strenuous exercise than I originally thought, and which at times made me want to puke my innards. Verdict: I am so not ready. Continue reading Up, Up, Up

Straying Alive 🐶😺

I remember viewing the trailer for Twelve Nights 十二夜 during a pre-show at the movie theater, and as much as I love documentaries, I was not so enthused on watching this one in full. I mean, if a guy admits to almost weeping from watching this film, I can only imagine crying my heart out throughout each scenes, or have it fuel my cynicism. Either way, the trailer was enough to make me “aware”. Continue reading Straying Alive 🐶😺