The Search for General Tso 尋找左宗棠

Third floor viewing room. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel like watching a movie inside a fridge, the air-conditioner was set just right 😌.

True to my word, I finally went to watch a movie at the Kaohsiung Film Archive (KFA) 高雄市電影館, and even signed-up for a KFA membership, woohoo, exciting, isn’t it? The process involved going to the second floor of the building, interrupting the posse of volunteer obasans in the middle of their gossip session, filling-out a form (need the ARC card), paying nothing, and walking away with yet another membership card, pre-loaded with three points. Continue reading The Search for General Tso 尋找左宗棠

Taiwan Politics Reading List

Taiwan Politics Recommended Reading List from Taiwan Take
Check TaiwanTake for the actual links.

TaiwanTake compiled a recommended reading list to follow Taiwan politics, with the respective political inclination/affiliation for each source. A good reminder to subject whatever we read to a grain of salt.

Anyone new to the Taiwanese political scene, or any foreign media journalists tasked with reporting about Taiwan would do well keeping an eye on those sources of information.

It took me a while (Taiwan is seriously confusing!) to make the connection that Focus Taiwan, Taiwan Today, the printed bilingual (super useful to practice Chinese!) magazine Taiwan Panorama, etc… were PR outlets of the government (and inherently, the ruling party), so when it clicked, I realized why I sometimes felt that some articles sounded a little quirky or overly self-congratulatory.1 But after all, information coming out of government agencies – from any countries – are bound to carry a nationalistic tone, and Taiwan is no exception, so what I am I even babbling about? Oh yes, it’s nice to be aware. :)

Anyway, it’s good that this list lays it all out for a more informed reading, especially as the presidential race heats up and draws more attention. Continue reading Taiwan Politics Reading List

Typhoon Day Movie: 赤壁 Red Cliff

I’ve decided to be cautious and spend Friday evening inside, impatiently waiting for Soudelor 蘇迪羅 to come do its thing and go away. Not a drop has fallen yet, but I’m telling myself it’s probably wiser not being out and about, risking getting blown over onto the ground by the strong winds while bicycling, as it almost happened a while ago.

Since we’re likely all going to be stranded at home on Saturday, let me take this opportunity to share one of my all-time favorite movies, Red Cliff 赤壁. This Chinese epic war film is split in two parts of about 120 minutes each, long enough to provide entertainment for a rainy afternoon. Continue reading Typhoon Day Movie: 赤壁 Red Cliff


Just another tea shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

If I say “Brown”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Quick, think!

That evening, I went back to the noodle stand at the Jhongsiao Food Night Market 忠孝夜市. While waiting for my plastic bag of noodles, my eyes swept the surroundings, visual stimuli screaming for my attention everywhere. I ended up locking my sight on the signboard right across the street, something about it puzzled my weary mind. Continue reading Brown