👍 JR Chen’s Transportation World

Stopped at a red light, I spotted those stray dogs making the most of a sunny afternoon, amidst the LTR constructions. Not pictured, because I was unaware too, is a dog hidden in a pipe on the right. Uncomfortable with my presence (sorry doggies!), the dogs moved, and the one in the pipe came out, totally taking making me jump out of surprise. :o

The 👍 is in reference to the Like or 讚 in facebook lingo. I’d like to feature a few of the cool Taiwan-related pages that I follow, even if well, JR Chen’s Transportation World will not be of interest for many. However, as a Kaohsiung inhabitant and a fervent adept of public transportation, I find this fb page worth the few minutes of attention I devote to it.

The owner of the page appears to be a long time employee at the Kaohsiung public transportation department, and as such, has privileged access to the latest regarding the public transit of the city. Continue reading 👍 JR Chen’s Transportation World

Insecurity of Taiwan Online Banking

My landlords once tried to explain me how to setup online banking to conveniently wire them the monthly rents, but I never found the motivation to make it past the required IE browser hurdle. And I’m totally fine without this “convenience”, especially  considering the sad SSL test results of Taiwanese banks compiled on ClickedyClick.

It’s probably a miracle (praying to the Gods works! ;) ) that a major security breach hasn’t happened yet, but I share the author’s optimism that this can be resolved on the long term.

Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Soy lattes are indeed not easy to come by in Taiwan, which is rather paradoxical considering the popularity of soy milk, especially at those traditional breakfast shops.

Last summer, Starbucks started to offer such soy latte, a new offering worthy of a TV news story. Other coffeeshops likely took a cue from that and also started to offer soy lattes as well. Continue reading Soy latte woes in Taiwan

Taiwan Passport

Urban art in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I’ve been meaning to write a book review of 我的青春、我的FORMOSA, it’s long overdue, and I don’t despair of publishing it… before the end of the year ;). In this book, I learned a few interesting facts about Taiwan, one of them being the controversial introduction of TAIWAN on the cover of the then Taiwanese REPUBLIC OF CHINA passport. This happened actually fairly recently, in 2002, under President Chen Shui-Bian 陳水扁.

This leaves me wondering, will the idea of removing REPUBLIC OF CHINA be brought to the table some day? Hence, making it less confusing (especially to foreigners), and asserting Taiwan as a country in its own right. Likely not, but it’d sure make for a fine April Fool’s Day joke, don’t you think? :twisted:

公休!\( ̄(oo) ̄)/

Empty pork butcher stalls.
Empty pork butcher stalls.

On one occasion, last year, I showed up at the wet market for a pork chop errand, only to find almost all of the butchers’ stalls empty, maybe it was their rest day, fair enough. A few days later, I needed some ground meat, so returned to the market, and once again was faced with a deserted section in the pork aisle.

What was going on? Did the Union of Taiwanese Pork Butchers decide to go on a strike? Did someone kidnap them all? :o Empty-handed, I made my way home, all while pondering this strange situation. Continue reading 公休!\( ̄(oo) ̄)/