Duck Treasure 鴨肉珍 – 雄好呷 #089 (khh)

All eyes on the duck.
Waiting in line, all eyes on the ducks.

I always find it interesting how you can practically have no verbal interaction whatsoever when eating out at many of those small eateries in Taiwan. Just grab the menu sheet, put a mark next to the dishes that fancies you, hand it in, eat, walk towards the boss to signal for the check, and off you go. Words emitted: 0.

However, places don’t always have menu sheets, let alone a sign board, Duck Treasure 鴨肉珍 is one of them. Duck treasure is one of those 老店 decades-old shops still thriving in the historical Yangcheng area, and noticeably still a favorite among locals, expect to line up if you wish to join the morning and lunch crowd. Continue reading Duck Treasure 鴨肉珍 – 雄好呷 #089 (khh)

#Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

Yay, I finally jumped on the (still) “hip” and “cool” Instagram bandwagon, and hopefully won’t ruin it due to my demographics, haha.

I’m not sure my joining Instagram is worthy of an actual blog post, but this is just another venue to share this kooky picture of Taipei 101, and I hope it brings at least a one-second of LOL to your day as it does to me whenever I look at it. Continue reading #Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

Restaurants’ feedback. Beware!

Oops, 「非常不滿意」 and 「非常滿意」,quite a big difference there. 😅

I literally started the first day of 2015 on the right foot, and went for a jog along the Tachia riverside 大佳河濱. I had spent a jolly afternoon there over summer, and took note of visiting back at a later time.

On this mid-morning, Taipei felt like a dormant city, still recovering from the New Year’s festivities, when actually, most of its denizens had already escaped to make the most out of the four-days holiday. So, I had the trail almost all to myself, safe enough to engage in occasional selfies (without the stick) without risking bumping into anyone. ;) Continue reading Restaurants’ feedback. Beware!

NYE at Taipei 101: 宵夜ing & Crowd Control

Wu Pao Chun survival stash. 🍞🍩🍵
Waiting for the fireworks. 🍞🍩🍵

Knowing there’d be some idle time before the fireworks, I had earlier in the afternoon stopped by Wu Pao Chun 吳寶春 to pick up some supplies for the evening. I really ought to dedicate an article to Wu Pao Chun one day, as I’ve grown to quite enjoy what he does. It’s not that his breads are out-of-this-world mind-blowing good, but it has become a kind of comfort food for me, and his baguettes usually always retain that crunchy crispy crust 😍.

So after walking around for a while to check out all the excitement going on, we found a spot and sat on the cold tarmac around 11pm, started digging in the pile, pacing ourselves to make it last just right before the fireworks started. Continue reading NYE at Taipei 101: 宵夜ing & Crowd Control

Taiwanvore Digest #16 – December 2014

Here’s a specimen of the the bane of my existence in Taiwan: mosquitoes! I am one of those who happen to attract mosquitoes, and I wouldn’t mind them sucking on my blood so much if only they didn’t leave some saliva behind. I used to smack them, but a wall splattered with specks of blood isn’t fengshui recommended, so I’ve now resorted to capturing and releasing them, ‘hoping that it’ll gain me some karmic point down the road. ;)

Pheww, did December just flew by?

For this last Taiwanvore Digest edition of the year, I thought I’d share some Taiwan-centric blogs I’ve enjoyed reading, a list to be tacked onto Taiwan Explorer’s 10 well designed Taiwan blogs (who kindly included me in it, haha). The list is non-exhaustive, but I have a blogroll in the works where I’ll share more of my favorite blogs. And as usual, I’ve done a recap of tweets that’ll speak for themselves.

I will still do a monthly round-up kind of thing next year, maybe in a different format, under a new name or a new schedule, I’m not sure yet, we shall see. Continue reading Taiwanvore Digest #16 – December 2014