Taiwan’s Secret Cancer Factory

Al Jazeera, recently published a documentary about the court battle of cancer-stricken workers versus their ex-employer RCA. (More background on this lawsuit, here)

“More than 1,500 former workers at a television factory in Taiwan have been diagnosed with cancer. The company admits that it dumped hazardous waste, polluting the land and poisoning groundwater. But did Radio Corporation of America recklessly expose its employees to cancer-causing chemicals? For nearly two decades, sick workers have been waging a David and Goliath battle as they seek justice in the courts for their suffering.”

Earlier this year, the workers won the lawsuit, but from what I gather, both sides are appealing, RCA to maintain their innocence in the ill-health of their former workers, and the workers to get compensation for all former employees, so the story is to be continued…

Behind the scenes pictures are available on the fb of Al Jazeera 101 East.

(hat tip: @taiwanmag)

(last updated: 2015/07/04 六)

A Cultural 棕子 for 端午節

慶端午! 小北 wishing a Happy Dragon Boast Festival. :)
慶端午!This crafty 小北 branch wishing a Happy Dragon Boat Festival. :)

It’s a three-day week-end in Taiwan, with Friday off to make-up for the Dragon Boat Festival aka Duanwujie 端午節, which actually falls on Saturday 20th.

But it’s so blazingly hot outside that I’m not really planning on attending any Duanwujie festivities, nor eating a steaming hot zongzi 棕子 (Chinese sticky rice dumpling, Chinese tamale, or whatever you call it). Boohoo to me, I know. Well, I’ll probably still end up eating a zongzi to not completely kill the festive mood, haha. Continue reading A Cultural 棕子 for 端午節