Just another tea shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

If I say “Brown”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Quick, think!

That evening, I went back to the noodle stand at the Jhongsiao Food Night Market 忠孝夜市. While waiting for my plastic bag of noodles, my eyes swept the surroundings, visual stimuli screaming for my attention everywhere. I ended up locking my sight on the signboard right across the street, something about it puzzled my weary mind. Continue reading Brown

《匠心,生活》 Film Series at 高雄電影館 KFA

《匠心,生活》”La Vie d’un Artisan”. (source: fb/KFA)

During the month of July, the Kaohsiung Film Archive (KFA) 高雄電影館 is running the showing of five movies whose theme revolve around craftmanship. “La Vie d’un Artisan” means “The Life of a Craftsman” in French.

I’ve been waiting sooooooo long yes, this loooonnnggg to check out the KFA, but rarely saw a title that fancied me, so now that it does, I can’t help but share my outpour of joy. :D Continue reading 《匠心,生活》 Film Series at 高雄電影館 KFA

June 2015 – 學無止境

Yancheng 鹽埕 district, definitely best enjoyed by bicycle.

This monthly post has been dragging again… let see, I could blame it on the crazy hot weather which hammered the month of June, or maybe the current typhoons coming crashing onto Taiwan. But well, late or not, boring or not, heat wave or super typhoon, this post still has to 生出來!

More seriously, I think the heart is just not there. A few days ago, I posted a short video about Taiwan’s Secret Cancer Factory, which was kind of a downer, but nonetheless well made, so I shared it here. And then, there was the horrific tragedy of the Formosa Fun Coast dust explosion. Casualties are severe enough for Taiwan to resort to acquiring cadaver skin  for human skin grafts from the States, and also welcome skin donations from the Euro Tissue Bank and China, to treat 200+ patients in critical conditions.  :(

On a lighter, foodie note, I’ve enjoyed more than one bowl of cold soba at 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺, and it still does not disappoint. The noodles always have a good bite to it, and they nail it with the seasoning, simple but good! It’s hands down one of my favourite place of the moment.

I’ve also treated myself to another visit at Thomas Chien 法式餐廳 French restaurant, and it still comes highly recommended by yours truly (well, whatever my opinion is worth, haha). From the food to the service, they still do a rather fine job at providing a fine dining experience of some sort. The prices are also still quite accessible, especially during lunch, where the set meals usually start at 950NT (+10% service fee). The meal pictured below is actually the 950NT set meal for the month of June. As the Taiwanese would describe it, this restaurant has a CP值高到爆CP值 refers to the Cost/Price-Performance ratio, an expression that often comes up in restaurant blog reviews. Yes, Taiwanese bloggers/diners can get really technical like that (lol). 高到爆 (literally: big until explode) pretty much means that the CP ratio here is off the roof.

For those interested, the chef, Thomas Chien 簡天才, will be doing a talk (in Chinese) at the New Kaohsiung Main Library on July, Sunday 18th, and will discuss the use of locally-grown produce to make European-style cuisine.

Finally, the Taiwan blogosphere may feel small, yet I found myself discovering a new blog, the Taiwan Law Blog, which offers some insights on the Taiwanese judicial system as it pertains to current events. Some of the content is sometimes beyond me, but it’s definitely nice to have yet another venue which helps make sense of Taiwan.

‘Till my next monthly ramblings! 😘

Chinese expression of the month.

學無止境, from moedict 萌典..

For lack of an original expression, I picked one from my Perapera saved list. No hidden meaning here, the expression means what the characters mean, and goes in the same vein as 『活到老,學到老』. It’s yet another reminder that learning has no boundaries, there’s always something new to study, so live – make mistakes, especially when practising a language, haha and learn. :)

Very random selection of Taiwan-related tweets.

Taiwan’s Secret Cancer Factory

Al Jazeera, recently published a documentary about the court battle of cancer-stricken workers versus their ex-employer RCA. (More background on this lawsuit, here)

“More than 1,500 former workers at a television factory in Taiwan have been diagnosed with cancer. The company admits that it dumped hazardous waste, polluting the land and poisoning groundwater. But did Radio Corporation of America recklessly expose its employees to cancer-causing chemicals? For nearly two decades, sick workers have been waging a David and Goliath battle as they seek justice in the courts for their suffering.”

Earlier this year, the workers won the lawsuit, but from what I gather, both sides are appealing, RCA to maintain their innocence in the ill-health of their former workers, and the workers to get compensation for all former employees, so the story is to be continued…

Behind the scenes pictures are available on the fb of Al Jazeera 101 East.

(hat tip: @taiwanmag)

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