Straying Alive 🐶😺

I remember viewing the trailer for Twelve Nights 十二夜 during a pre-show at the movie theater, and as much as I love documentaries, I was not so enthused on watching this one in full. I mean, if a guy admits to almost weeping from watching this film, I can only imagine crying my heart out throughout each scenes, or have it fuel my cynicism. Either way, the trailer was enough to make me “aware”. Continue reading Straying Alive 🐶😺

我的青春、我的FORMOSA by 林莉菁 Li-Chin Lin

(🇫🇷 article en français)

Politcally and culturally speaking, Taiwan has only really started to make sense to me over the past few years. In retrospect, I wonder how I had managed to study the language for so long, all while keeping ignorant of the country’s history. Oh yeah, binge watching Taiwanese and Mandarin-subbed Korean dramas, that probably did it… but well, it did achieve the result of taking an intensive 聽力 and 閱讀 course, so yeah to that, right?

What kind of book is 「我的青春、我的FORMOSA」? Well, it’s the book I wish I’d stumbled upon early on, when I was enthused to learn about Taiwan but couldn’t find the right material to spark my curiosity. It’s the book I wish my Chinese teacher (in Taiwan) would have chosen for my 閱讀 study material. It’s the book, I wish someone would have handed to me before my first trip to Taiwan.

It’s a book which manages to present a slice of the history of Taiwan in a fun and approachable way, and hopefully inspires readers to dig further on their own.

Continue reading 我的青春、我的FORMOSA by 林莉菁 Li-Chin Lin

March 2015 – Do good

A lovely new coffee shop with good coffee and good ethics, what's not to not like about it?
Do good. A lovely new coffee shop with good coffee and good ethics, what’s not to like about it? :)

March is gone, taking with him some the smog that’s been hovering over Kaohsiung for the past few weeks. The thermostat has noticeably been cranked up a notch, which is nice, although a little rain would be very much welcomed too. It’s been raining every so often, that whenever it does, I’ve come to appreciate the sound of raindrops free falling onto the roof and windows, and the breath of freshness that it brings, so yeah, plum rain season 梅雨節, bring it on! Continue reading March 2015 – Do good

👍 JR Chen’s Transportation World

Stopped at a red light, I spotted those stray dogs making the most of a sunny afternoon, amidst the LTR constructions. Not pictured, because I was unaware too, is a dog hidden in a pipe on the right. Uncomfortable with my presence (sorry doggies!), the dogs moved, and the one in the pipe came out, totally taking making me jump out of surprise. :o

The 👍 is in reference to the Like or 讚 in facebook lingo. I’d like to feature a few of the cool Taiwan-related pages that I follow, even if well, JR Chen’s Transportation World will not be of interest for many. However, as a Kaohsiung inhabitant and a fervent adept of public transportation, I find this fb page worth the few minutes of attention I devote to it.

The owner of the page appears to be a long time employee at the Kaohsiung public transportation department, and as such, has privileged access to the latest regarding the public transit of the city. Continue reading 👍 JR Chen’s Transportation World

Insecurity of Taiwan Online Banking

My landlords once tried to explain me how to setup online banking to conveniently wire them the monthly rents, but I never found the motivation to make it past the required IE browser hurdle. And I’m totally fine without this “convenience”, especially  considering the sad SSL test results of Taiwanese banks compiled on ClickedyClick.

It’s probably a miracle (praying to the Gods works! ;) ) that a major security breach hasn’t happened yet, but I share the author’s optimism that this can be resolved on the long term.