Crowdfunding splash

Kaohsiung Software Technology Park
From the Kaohsiung Main Library rooftop, looking towards the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park.

The Kaohsiung Software Technology Park 高雄軟體科技園區 is usually deserted during the week-end, but there’s a nice little secret park towards the water which makes for a pleasant walk on any given day of the week.

The Space of Thought Particles 思想粒子的空間 exposition can be found along the way, I had passed by it many times, and always kindly declined the invitation to go in, but recently, in the company of some curious-minded friends, I followed along and went in to check out what it was all about. Continue reading Crowdfunding splash

Marche ou Crève

My kind of mystical creature 神奇寶貝.😉

I don’t really know where the French expression “marche ou crève”, literally “walk or perish”, comes from. The English equivalent is apparently “sink or swim“, and there also various references in French culture, one of them being the French translation for Stephen King’s The Long Walk.

In the context of this Friday, The Long Walk is actually pretty fitting. Continue reading Marche ou Crève

No wifi. Just coffee.

There’s a place in town that really hits the caffeine spot for me.

It’s a small place, about fifteen seat downstairs, and ten on the mezzanine floor. Not the best for groups, though I’ve seen some family gathering there. Reservation is possible.

There’s no wifi, no power outlets, just leave your laptop at home, and instead, bring some good company, a good old book, or just yourself. You can sit at the bar and strike a conversation with the very affable owner, head to the mezzanine if you want to enjoy the air-condition to its fullest, or post yourself at the high table facing the front window to zone out at the ongoing traffic or the two-story light fixture shop on the opposite side of the road. Lamps, and lights, what a world of its own. Continue reading No wifi. Just coffee.



The Taipei 101 Run Up isn’t a competitive race by any means, actually, it’s more like a fun vertical walk, but I wanted to make sure that I could clinch 2046 steps before the D-Day, so I had chosen the emergency staircase of the eight-floor Kaohsiung Main Library (KSML)高雄市立圖書館 as my training ground. (I recently wanted to walk the steps again, but the path is now barred from the public, the rooftop still still accessible though…)

I’d go in the evening, walk up to the roof top, walk down, and up again, repeatedly, until I reached the steps count. On the final ascent, I would linger above the city to cool down, and chill a bit. Continue reading Lovebirdswatching

R14 – Cola King’s stop 可樂王的捷運站

The worst of Nepartak was over by morning time. Some trees damages in Kaohsiung.

On the eve of Nepartak‘s landfall, the motivation wasn’t there to go stock up on food for the doomsday that news outlets hyped it up to be. Fortunately this time, Kaohsiung was on the safe side of the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈, a formidable barrier against the typhoon, and although it won’t stop Nature’s will to plow through, it’ll at least deflect her might.

On the other side of the mountains, Taitung took the brunt of the super typhoon, defenseless, at the mercy of Nepartak. Even the White Moving Castle 霍爾的移動堡, which had sustained previous strong typhoons, was not left unscathed. Continue reading R14 – Cola King’s stop 可樂王的捷運站