Crossover: 食尚玩家 and The Layover

@tvsuperstarr and The Layover crew

[en] While we’re still on the topic of 食尚玩家, let me get off-topic for this post. By coïncidence, 食尚玩家‘s host 莎莎 and Bourdain happened to be in Hong-Kong at the same time last summer, shooting their respective show. With Denny, famous Hong-Kong tour guide, as a common acquaintance, 莎莎 managed to catch a real-life glimspe of Bourdain and snap a few picture with him. It’s particularly funny to see the women of the 食尚玩家 crew being all giddy when meeting him. As a fan of both shows, this short crossover between 食尚玩家 and “Anthony Bourdain: The Layover” made for a surreal TV moment!

It’s a shame Denny simply introduced 莎莎 as a big fan and not the female taiwanese version of Bourdain, but I also blame her for not seizing the opportunity to lobby Bourdain about a collaboration for a  real crossover of the two shows in Taiwan! @NoReservations, if you read this, you have fans in Taiwan, and knowledgeable guides ready to show you around!

For the record, as gifts, she gave him some traditional  pineapple cakes (鳳梨酥), and on what it feels like a last-minute thought, included some taiwanese instant noodles (泡麵) and Lay’s potato chips (taiwan flavor), yes, you read it right, instant noodles and potato chips!

食尚玩家 female crew waiting for Bourdain

[fr] Tant que nous sommes sur le sujet de l’émission 食尚玩家, j’en profite pour un faire un petit article hors-sujet. L’été dernier, le hasard a bien fait les choses car 莎莎, la présentatrice de 食尚玩家, et Anthony Bourdain  se trouvé au même moment à Hong-Kong pour filmer les émissions respectives. Grâce à une connaissance commune en la personne du célèbre guide Denny, 莎莎 en à profité pour aller à la rencontre de son idole Anthony Bourdain, ce qui résultat en un petit crossover entre les émissions 食尚玩家 et “Anthony Bourdain: The Layover“!

En guise de cadeau, 莎莎 offrit des sablés à l’ananas ainsi que des chips Lay’s au goût taiwanais et nouilles instantanées, original non? 

Denny, Bourdain and 莎莎

(Pictures courtesy of TVBS)

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