Culinary mangas: too good to be true?

From manga to real-life (

[en] Back in July, the popular taiwanese talk show 康熙來了, hosted by 小 S and 蔡康永, received a few guests to discuss culinary mangas and whether the dishes presented in the comics could be as delicious in real-life, “漫畫裡的美食真的能吃嗎?“. Each guest chose a dish from their manga of choice to cook on-stage, which made for an interesting show, and could prove to be a fun culinary challenge.

A lot of manga titles were thrown during the show, and so I jot them down on my Chinese-practice reading list. I believe some of the titles are available in English, but your best bet is get on learning Chinese to enjoy it all (many are shared online) 🙂 Besides, some have been made into TV or animated shows.

Here is the list of culinary mangas mentionned in 康熙來了, but there exists a whole lot more:

  • 深夜食堂 (shēnyè shítáng)- Late night canteen
    • a list of dishes from the manga made into real life on icook
  • 老夫子 (lǎofūzǐ) – Old Master Q
  • 阿三哥與大嬸婆 (ā sān gē yǔ dàshěn pó) – Brother A-San and Big Auntie
  • 將太的壽司 (jiàng tài de shòusī) – Jiang Tai’s sushis
  • 烘焙王 (hōngbèi wáng ) – Bread Master
  • 中華一番 (zhōnghuá yī fān) – Chinese Cooking Master Boy
  • 拉麵王 (lāmiàn wáng) – Ramen King
  • 美食偵探王 (měishí zhēntàn wáng) – Gourmet Detective
  • 妙廚老爹 (miào chú lǎodiē) – Gourmet Papa

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