In Run-up to Meeting with Top U.S. Representative, Taiwan Vows to Maintain Ban on Pork Containing Ractopamine

Aside from health issues such contaminated meat could bring, importing pork would also undermine Taiwan’s food security and agriculture. Let’s hope the Taiwanese governement will make wise decisions on this issue.

Agriculture in China 农业中国

The issue of U.S. pork imports is more complicated and challenging than the beef one, opposition Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Su Tseng-chang said Saturday, advising the authorities to handle the issue prudently.

The government has assured the people again and again that it will handle the two issues separately, Su said while answering reporters’ questions about American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Raymond Burghardt’s call the previous day for Taiwan not to treat U.S. pork imports differently from its beef imports.

If the pork import becomes an issue, President Ma Ying-jeou’s promise will be strongly questioned, he said. Pork is very popular in Taiwan and there are many hog farms in the country, he added, warning that the pork issue is “much more complicated and challenging” than beef imports.

In response, Agriculture Minister Chen Bao-ji stressed that the government won’t open its doors to imports of pork containing residue of ractopamine…

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