Recent Cool Links

I happen to run into some interesting blogs and news today, so let me share them here:

  • the blog Delicious Taipei, which actually focuses on raw food and Indian cooking. I am not a raw food adept, but find that it can be a great source of inspiration to cook differently. It is always amazing to discover new ways of transforming ingredients into delectable dishes. Example in case, who knew there was such a thing as raw nut cheese? Now, does it taste good? That’s another question 😉
  • an article from the Taipei Times, “Resistant starch helps farmers solve banana oversupply“, excess of green bananas will now be transformed into resistant starch and imported to Japan. Resistant starch, as I learned, is also gluten-free, and apparently, works great in making pasta. Now, I wonder what the Japanese will use it for…
  • a blog post from Dreadlock Travels, who brings us an interview with Ryan Parson, the mastermind behind the Kaohsiung International Food Festival, taking place this week-end.
  • What is the Kaohsiung International Food Festival, you ask? Here’s their digital ad:

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