Golden Era 那個年代

almond tofu (flickr/rachelworld)
almond tofu (flickr/rachelworld)

First, thanks hungry girl in Taipei for converting me to almond tofu, she had mentioned it in a few of her posts in such an enticing way, that I’ve been keeping my radar on for a place serving it.

Golden Era originates from Tainan, and prides itself with over thirty years of experience handmaking almond tofu. They now have three branches in Tainan, and one outpost in Kaohsiung. The latter being conveniently located near the New Shinkuchan shopping area, also just about a block away from Okonomiyaki Hut. For a casual night out, I would totally recommend first eating at the Hut, and then hop to Golden Era for dessert. They have some seating inside and a few tables on the sidewalk, but if the place is full, you can always order to go, and enjoy it at the nearby Central Park.

Ordering is pretty easy, you grab a menu and a crayon near the cashier, seat down, ponder over the English friendly menu that includes pictures and translations, check what you want, hand the menu back to the cashier, pay, sit-down, and wait for the dessert to come.

(the gallery is updated whenever I try a new combination :))

The house speciality is a bowl of almond milk, hot or cold, with some taro paste, red beans, Job’s tear grains, and cubes of almond tofu. I was more in the mood for ice that day, so I chose some shaved ice with taro paste, almond tofu, all drizzled with condensed milk. I found that one portion was perfect for two people. While soy tofu has a yogurt-like texture (well, it depends on your yogurt reference), almond tofu is more wobbly, more jello-like, except, it doesn’t melt in your mouth. The taste of almond is pleasant, not too overpowering, though those using almond scented bath products may deem otherwise.

All in all, I recommend that place. Their menu actually have quite a lot of alternatives if almond doesn’t fancy you. It can be substituted for some pudding, cocoa/matcha/brown sugar tofu, etc…  They also sell bottles of almond milk.

Finally, if you feel artsy enough, they have a mural blackboard inside, where you are free to draw or write whatever you want.

Golden Era 那個年代 in Kaohsiung

Name:  那個年代 Golden Era
Address: 高雄市新興區新田路127號 // No. 127, Xīntián Rd, Xinxing District Kaohsiung City
Price: 50-100 NT
Atmosphere: casual


4 thoughts on “Golden Era 那個年代

    1. Hehe, food definitely makes it easier to enjoy my stay. This first time with almond tofu was a good discovery. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  1. I’m not a huge tofu fan (even less of red beans for dessert), but I will definitely be stopping in for a taste. I’m intrigued by how almond flavor tofu may taste, and having recently fell in love with almond milk, it would be insane not to give this dessert a whirl. Thanks!


    1. If you like almond milk, then you should not be disappointed with the almond tofu which has more of a pudding-like texture. I’ll be glad if I also converted you 😉


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