(No Name) 60 Years Old Noodle Stall at Formosa Boulevard

I enjoy eating at food stalls, with tables set out on the streets, and the traffic usually buzzing in the background. I like those places, they make me feel in Taiwan. Those kind of food joints are present everywhere, and usually don’t disappoint, but over time, I’ve developed a preference for some of them, and so I’d like to share them here.

If you have just landed or are visiting Kaohsiung, I suspect that you’ll at least once swing by the Formosa Boulevard subway station, and snap pictures of the beautiful underground Dome of Light. For additional photography entertainment, there’s also the 3D floor painting in front of the underground coffee shop Apeuls.

If you go out through Exit 5 of the subway, you can have a stroll through the Nanhua Tourist market, but our object of attention here, lays on the opposite end. Take Exit 1, and go right, you’ll go past two stalls, and will find the noodle place right around the corner.

60年老店, 60 years old shop (martin0912.pixnet.net)
60年老店, 60 years old shop (martin0912.pixnet.net)

I almost exclusively only get the duck noodles here. They give the right amount to fulfill my craving for meat. I am not sure how they cook it, but there’s a smokiness to it that makes it taste special, and is one of the reason I come back for it. They offer three choices of noodles made out of wheat, rice, or green beans (glass noodles). Following my habits, I always choose the wheat noodles, cooked tender and chewy. There’s a small meat gravy that they put on all noodles dishes, which nicely ties all the content in the bowl. I like to add a little kick of hot pepper oil, and usually shamelessly help myself to some extra chopped scallions, because I love that stuff and I always feel like they don’t put enough of it.

When not busy, the boss will bring a small bowl of soup, but in case he forgets, you can go ahead behind the counter, and help yourself… I have to admit I haven’t dared cross that barrier yet, but that’s fine since I’m never in a mood for soup when I go there.

Their 藥膳滷味 yào​shàn lǔ​wèi which consists of a small plate of meat and tofu cooked in some Traditional Chinese Medicine broth is also  quite popular, I have yet to try it, but will remedy that soon.

Ready to dig in!
Extra scallions, hot pepper oil added. Ready to dig in!

The place gets packed quickly during lunch hour with lots of orders to go and people eating on-site. I’ve gone there during the afternoon, when business is slower, so you can take your time eating and enjoy this little piece of Kaohsiung, still going strong after all those years and the ginormous subway constructions that took place just a few meters away.

Formosa Blvd during the subway constructions
Formosa Blvd during the subway constructions in 2006
My usual order: 鴨肉麵 (乾) / Duck Noodles (dry)
My usual order: 鴨肉麵 (乾) / Duck Noodles (dry)


Oh yeah, I forgot the most important, to order, simply grab a menu, sit down and check what you want. Hand back to the boss, wait, and pay when they bring your bowl. No words needs to be exchanged.

Their peanut sauce noodles 麻將麵, and wonton noodles 餛飩麵 also come recommended, by yours truly.

If you have any other questions about the menu, feel free to leave a comment.

Complementary pictures reports available here and here.







Name:  (No Name) 60 Years Old Noodle Stall at Formosa Boulevard
Address: Formosa Boulevard MRT, R10, O5, Exit 1
Price: 50NT
Business hours: 11-18:30, close on Monday (need to double-check)
Atmosphere: casual


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