Mango Cha Cha, Kaohsiung Shinkuchan

After making a name for itself in Taipei, Mango Cha Cha has also now landed in Kaohsiung, just opposite and a block from my beloved Golden Era. After numerous times passing by it, on my way to Golden Era ;), I finally decided to go there on a sultry Saturday evening.

The store inside is bright and screams mango everywhere, every item on the menu contains mango in one form or another, and the TV continuously plays reports about Mango Cha Cha stores(!!), so mango haters, you’ve been warned. They have an illustrated menu, though I don’t recall whether it lists all items available or not… but the most popular items are at least pictured.

I ended getting a Gold Medal Sweetheart, literal translation of the chinese name 金牌情人, which is basically snow-like mango-flavored ice flakes encircled by fresh cubes of mango, topped with a scoop of mango ice cream and sprinkled with heart-shaped marshmallows, for 200NT.

When the bowl arrived, I felt they were rather skimpy on the fresh mango. I had gone to Golden Era a few days earlier, where they also offer ice mango while it’s in season, and for 130NT, they definitely had more meat. The mango-flavored ice flakes was interesting, though the mango tasted a bit too artificial too me, and the scoop of ice mango simply threw me into a mango overdose, but was not bad.

All in in all, I don’t dislike the place nor do I adore it either, but with Golden Era so close nearby, I’m gonna stick to my favorite. Well, I also do think that prices should be adjusted down at the Kaohsiung store, even if Shinkuchan is a prized area, I don’t feel it makes sense to keep the Taipei price tags, and besides, mangoes are grown right next door. Mango Cha Cha, which I kind of want to rename to Mango Ga Ga, has plenty of seating suitable for bigger groups, and for those not into ice, they also have mango smoothies, sweet mango dumplings etc… They also sell mango-related gifts near the cashier, might be a good idea to offer to your mango-maniac friends, we all have one right? So I’ll leave it up to you to go make an opinion for yourself. And feel free to leave a comment on here afterwards ;).

Name: Mango Cha Cha 芒果恰恰
Website:, Kaohsiung Shinkuchan branch
Additional Reviews+Photos: pmlovestory (Taipei), yoyoben (Kaohsiung)
Address: No. 128號, Xīntián Rd, Xinxing District Kaohsiung City (新興區新田路128號)
Price: 80NT-280NT
Atmosphere: mangoesque


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