Edible Idiom: 酒池肉林

Saw this edible idiom on my timeline recently,  酒池肉林 jiǔ​chí​ròu​lín, literally meaning Wine Pools Meat Forest, but figuratively describing acts of debauchery or profane excess of consumption, especially luxurious objects or pleasures.
According to the short Wikipedia blurb and italki,  the expression originates from the Shang dynasty era, where the last ruler, a corrupted man leading a luxurious life, went on a lust and gluttony extravaganza by having ponds filled with wine, surrounded by all kinds of meat hanging on trees, and naked men and women to entertain.

I searched Google Images, hoping to find a cool old painting illustrating such scene, and actually landed on some NSFW images, even with Safe Search turned on, explicitly depicting scenes of debauchery. Digging further, I found a recent illustration by Hongnian Zhang, titled Fall of the Shang, though reminding me more of scenes from some ancient Roman orgies.

Fall of the Shang by Hongnian Zhang
Fall of the Shang by Hongnian Zhang

Less scandalous, one of Apple Daily Hong-Kong news report uses the expression 酒池肉林 to describe an extravagant mansion, built with its own gym, wine storage, Japanese saune, etc…

Lastly, something closer to the 酒池肉林, in the literal sense, that I am more interested in enjoying, a blog post titled 酒池肉林趴 by xuite.net/maverick007.

酒池肉林趴 by xuite.net/maverick007

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