Chegoya 尚高韓家

Chegoya is a Japanese restaurant brand serving Korean fare, they have a few locations in Japan, and Taipei appears to be their first international branch. A look at a few reviews online left me with a good impression, so I decided to give it a shot.

As I approached the entrance of the restaurant, an ojisan with a frightening betel nut smile, and chewing some mouth open, was hustling. Upon handing me Chegoya’s business card, I realized he was associated with the restaurant, which was the oddest thing, and clashed with the casual-but-clean image of the Japanese, serving Korean food, Chegoya brand. I saw him later again in the restaurant, near the pass station, still with his freaky but friendly red smile, and even less looking at his place, go figure.

Anyway, on to the food. The menu is Chinese, Japanese and English, and posted online. On weekdays, they offer different sets of business lunch consisting of a main dish, some small sides, and some Korean preserved grapefruit jelly as dessert. Small sides are refillable, and tea is complimentary. I only cared for the naengmyon, so did not pay attention in details to the whole menu.


After ordering, four small banchans arrived, fresh and tasty. Special note for the well seasoned mung bean sprouts, and the kimchi was not bad either .


My bowl of naengmyon then arrived, looking not bad. I don’t know if ice cubes/slush is a traditional component of the dish, but none were present, it was straight cold soup, but not cold enough for me since I like it icy cold! The broth was OK, lacked a bit in flavors, so was not transcending. The noodles had a good texture, slices of apples are used instead of the traditional nashi pear, half an egg with a half cherry tomato on top, some slices of daikon radish and cucumber, that’s as fancy as the dish gets, so good thing there were banchans on the sides to liven up the meal.


Not even half-way done with my bowl of naengmyon, a waiter brings the dessert. I was already familiar with Korean preserved grapefruit, and not a huge fan, but since it is suppose to have some health benefits, I actually finished it, and found it pleasant for a sweet ending.

Service was okay. Everything came promptly. I was asked once if I wanted a refill of sides, and said no since I was still making my way through them. I was too lazy to ask for a refill once I was done with them all, and no one bothered to ask me again, so service felt a little let-down, especially when it was not that busy, and they do apply a service charge.

In summary, if you want to introduce naengmyon to someone, I would not particularly recommend this place. However, other items on the menu may be worth trying. With so many restaurants in the vicinities, I am not in a hurry to go back anytime soon, but not blacklisting the place either. The friendly ojisan chewing betel nut surely made it a memorable visit, haha, it’s the Taiwanese touch, I guess.


They seem to be running a special right now, where you buy-1-get-1-free with the naengmyon, available everyday Wednesdays. So, if you go there as a naengmyon first-timer, at least, go with someone and make it worth your buck.

Name: Chegoya 尚高韓家
Website: fb/Chegoya,
Additional Reviews+Photos: wretch/carp0729, pixnet/hsing16
Address: No. 48, Lane 280, Guāngfù South Rd, Daan District Taipei City, 106 ‎ ‎(台北市大安區光復南路280巷48號1樓)
Price: ~300NT
Atmosphere: casual
Reservations? Yes
Service Charge?


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