Movie: Zone Pro Site 總舖師

Zone Pro Site, an English title not saying much about the movie… as it is actually the (somewhat strange) phonetic translation of 總舖師 in the Taiwanese dialect. Though to me, using pinyin, it sounds more like 「zōng pō zāi」.

總舖師 refers to the head chef at those roadside banquets you may have ran into on the streets of Taiwan. Those roadside banquets called bando (辦桌) in Taiwanese, are a tradition brought over by early Mainland Chinese immigrants from the Fujian province. A lot of culture is tied to this tradition, from the reasons people hold bando to the dishes served. To learn more, I highly recommend Gourmet Taiwan’s short report on the subject.

The movie’s storyline is about three head chefs, representing the three bando styles: north, center, south; as years passed by, the tradition of bando has waned off, leaving the chefs blurry about the future of their trade. Fortunately, one of the chefs’ daughter comes home, and is talked into succeeding her father, but little does she know about the challenges lying ahead.

The movie has English sub-titles, and should appeal to the non-Taiwanese crowd, it’s a comedy after all :), so mark your calendar!

Official website:
Start Screening date: Friday August 16th, 2013
Special screenings in Kaohsiung (2013/08/11) and Taipei (2013/08/15): for 888 NT, watch the movie before the official opening date, and right after, partake in a bando. If you’ve never experienced such banquet, this is certainly a great occasion to do so. Registration is online (and only in Chinese).


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