Taïwanvore Digest #3

The Taiwanvore Digest is a carefully curated, ;), list of cool stories and links for you to peruse.

Chinese Food Pop Culture
Last year, Lucky Peach featured an issue on Chinese food. Of the articles posted online, we follow Fuchsia Dunlop to London’s Chinatown, and take a (food) trip down memory lane with Hua Hsu’s family tales of enjoying Chinese food in America’s suburbia.

Giant Bubble Tea (fb/626 Night Market)
Giant Bubble Tea
(fb/626 Night Market)

Bubble Tea Fever
If there’s doubts as to whether Hanlin 翰林 or Chun Shui Tang 春水堂 first invented bubble tea, the latter is surely positioning itself as the bubble tea flagship in Taiwan.

In addition of the Cultural Tea House at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, in Taichung, where visitors can experience how to make bubble tea, Chun Shui Tang has bigger plans in the works, namely, a bubble tea museum! Maybe, they will even make some space for the giant bubble tea, imagined and carried out by the 626 Night Market team.

Food for the artsy geek
If you’re a fan of Etsy, then you’ll love Pinkoi, its Taiwanese cousin. The website is truly a wealth of gifts ideas, and the food section now boasts a wide variety of homemade goodies for you to enjoy.

Kitchen Tip: Rice Cooker magic!
The rice cooker is a quintessential fixture in the typical Taiwanese kitchen, and who knew you could get so creative with it, baking chocolate cake, banana bread etc… While I haven’t yet baked with my rice cooker, I’ve used it to steam some chicken wings (for fried chicken), and it works beautifully.

Taiwanese Snacks Postcards
I was looking for postcards recently, so to Eslite bookstore I went. I hoped to find postcards reflecting the whimsical spirit of the island, and as luck would have it, the branch of the bookstore I visited carried a cute collection of painted Taiwanese snacks, from artist 榴小妞. It didn’t take long for me to decide which snack to get, bubble tea!

Bubble Tea Postcard (fb/lalanio)
Bubble Tea Postcard (fb/lalanio)

The postcards are also sold online, and at “random” bookstores and gift-shops. Surprisingly, the 24-hour Eslite bookstore in Taipei did not have any for sell when I last visited, so check other branches or ask the service desk for stores carrying them. I also did spot some at the gift shop (in the basement) of the National Central Library.

A “Taste of Happiness” to kick out the Monday blues
I caught this cute music video clip on Twitter, featuring Tainan, its historical sites, street arts and myriad of snacks. If you don’t recognize all the references, check the answers in the YouTube comments, from user Shan-Shan Tsai. The artists, 董事長樂團The Chairman and 閻韋伶, sing in the Taiwanese dialect, giving this musical piece a particular Taiwanese taste 台灣味, as they say here. Enjoy :).


4 thoughts on “Taïwanvore Digest #3

  1. 幸福的滋味 (Taste of Happiness) came out last week and immediately became one of my favorite songs. It’s a song from the latest album by 董事長樂團 (The Chairman), called 一條命 (One Life).


    1. Cool! Thanks, I didn’t know it was from an actual album. I’ve been listening to it on replay on YouTube, not the most efficient way eh 哈哈


      1. haha.. that should only happen when you’re not in Taiwan and cannot get your hands on the album..

        Here’s another song on the album:

        The album was recorded and mixed at SugarHill Studios in Houston. Here’s an interview about the album


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