Map of Night Markets in Kaohsiung

A fried squid chilling at the Ruifeng Night Market.
Rasta fried squid chilling at the Ruifeng night market 瑞豐夜市.

I’ve finally gotten around to mapping most of the night markets in Kaohsiung City, thanks to the information already gathered by James from 高雄美食地圖, and my own nocturnal escapades. Since I’ve not yet ventured in the outskirts of the city, I have left off the night markets in those areas for now, and will update the map later on.

And you are very welcome to leave a message in the comments should you notice any inaccuracies, night markets missing, or simply want to say hi :).

First off, here’s the timetable:

Night markets’ addresses are not indicated, but better yet, yours truly has located them all in Google Map with the names in Chinese, which is even more convenient to find directions, right?

Now, some notes about some of those night markets:

  • Liuhe: touted by all the tourist guides, and as a result, a victim of its popularity, this is a very touristy night market, not really frequented by locals from what I’ve seen. Still, you may find interesting to walk through, but don’t linger on as other more fun night markets are in town, such as Ruifeng, New Shinkuchan, Labor Park, and if you are brave enough, Jin-Zuan or Kaisyuan.
  • Nanhua: open from noon to 10pm, this night market is just a five minute walk from Liuhe. Stores selling clothes, a few selling jewelries, and food stands are the main attractions.
  • New Shinkuchan: the equivalent of Taipei’s Ximending, in a much smaller scale. Technically more a shopping area than a night market, but I’ve included it because it can be fun place to hang out at night, and Central park is just nearby.
  • Guanghua: mainly a food night market, offering mostly traditional Taiwanese fare. I’m not a particular fan of the layout, where food stalls are on both sides of a huge boulevard. With a constant flow of traffic, it makes it inconvenient to cross from one side of the road to the other. I’d personally just stop to pickup some food and bring it back home.
  • Sinhjong, Jhongsiao: both are food-only night markets, not far from each other, both about the same size, spread over two blocks. If you want to eat and shop, then pick Sinhjong which is located in the Sanduo area with shops and malls right next to it.
  • Ziqiang: another food-only night market, offering a wide array of traditional Taiwanese food and more. Though it sounds similar to the previous two, I find this one more fun to walk through, and also prefer the food. For shopping cravings, Hanshin mall is just a block away.
  • Wujia Ziqiang: don’t mistake with the one above. Yet another food-only night market, and a fun one at it. Not touristy at all, a good walk from the subway station, but doable.
  • Ruifeng: this night-market is setup in a parking lot, and provides the whole experience, meaning, food, games and shopping. Lots of eclectic food, lots of people, lots of fried stuff, lots of fun, lots of people, you get the gist ;). Word on the street is that many vendors have defected to the newly opened night markets in the south of the city, so Ruifeng may be loosing its appeal, and is eventually doomed to close or move elsewhere.
  • Jin-Zuan, Kaisyuan: those two night markets are right next to each other, and opened in 2013. Both setup on a parking lot, they are spacious and are now the biggest night markets in Kaohsiung (and biggest in Taiwan if combined together). Food, clothing, games, DIY activity, you won’t be bored, but do wear comfortable shoes, you’ve been warned!
  • Qingnian: a night market, with food, games and shopping. It has a special feel to it, most of the people going appear to be living nearby, not many tourists.
  • Labor Park: an interesting night market which pops up once a week, on Monday. Stalls get setup on both side of an ordinary residential road, closed off  to traffic for the night, which makes it pleasant to stroll in. There’s a good mix of finger food, and also some sit-downs stalls, that is if stinky tofu hot-pot doesn’t scare you :). Games and shopping stands are also present for your entertainment. All in all, this is one my favorite night market in Kaohsiung, it feels more laid back, and is stroller friendly for the most part. Check out my photo walk there.
  • Neiwei: I’ve never been there, but it looks like a small food night market with a few game stands. The night market appears to have recently undergone some improvements with a roof built to cover the vendors and provide better lighting. Pictures available here.
  • Behind Train Station: another mostly food-only night market, behind the train station and near Kaohsiung Medical University which makes for an hungry crowd.

How about you? What’s your favorite night market in Kaohsiung?

(last updated: 2015/04/21 二)


8 thoughts on “Map of Night Markets in Kaohsiung

  1. Interesting, I really would like to go there once!
    Here in Denmark I’ve known an exchange student from kaoshiung and I’m now really fascinated about Taiwan in general.


    1. Culturally speaking, Taiwan is an interesting place, lost of Japanese influence too. Coming from Denmark, I think you’d find it a very fun place to be, so ‘hope you can make it there someday ^^


  2. Great information. My wife and I come to back to Kaohsiung every year. I would make one change to the article as Jin-Zuan and Kaisyuan together now make the largest night market in Taiwan, not just Kaohsiung. Otherwise great info. It’s accurate.


    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      I was treating to each night market separately, but you’re right, if combined, it’s the biggest in Taiwan. I’ve updated the article to reflect that.
      This page needs a big makeover!


  3. Hi there.
    Which night market do you suggest? I will be going there in August 2015.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi, if you’re just visiting a few days, then Ruifeng should not disappoint. Liuhe is touristy but still worth a walk through, go to New Shinkuchan afterwards, and you’ll have a full evening! ‘Hope you’ll have a good time. 🙂


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