Ah-Jin Rice Noodles 阿進切仔麵- 雄好呷 #038 (khh)

60 years and still counting. With a humble start as a food stall which grew pretty popular, Ah-Jin quickly moved in a brick-and-mortar place in the then bustling Yancheng district.

The place serves traditional Taiwanese fare. It’s actually one of the first places from the book that I visited, and ate there many times already. I guess I never felt in a hurry to blog about it because the food is simple, maybe too simple for the adventurous foodies, but the quality has always been consistent, and sometimes that’s all I want, a simple bowl of Ah-Jin rice noodles. 

I also always get a kick eating at Ah-Jin because it is the only place where I brave myself to order using the Taiwanese dialect, just like the locals, haha. Like I said, when I go to Ah-Jin, all I ever order is a bowl of rice noodles soup, in Chinese 米粉湯, in pinyin mǐ​fěn tāng, and in Taiwanese bìhun tēng.



The dish is utterly simply composed of pork broth, rice noodles, slices of lean pork, fried garlic oil, green onions and soy bean sprouts (and coriander when they have it). When I feel like having some extra protein, I’ll add a marinated egg which they bring on a separate small plate, and which I’ll readily dump in my bowl to warm it up in the hot soup. According to the book 雄好呷, one of the key ingredient, fried garlic oil, has been homemade ever since the second-generation owners, mostly the lady boss 老闆娘, took over. It is just a detail, but it is amazing all the wonder fried garlic oil can contribute to the flavor of a dish.

There’s a lot more to the menu that rice noodles. They serve rice with braised pork, various kind of soups, and many side items on display on their open kitchen counter.

Food aside, the shop has indoor seating with AC, and a few tables outside. Unless the weather curses us with hellish hot temperatures, I’ll usually find myself sitting outside to gaze at the open kitchen, and watch life come and go on this quiet street.

For a quick and satisfying lunch or dinner, Ah-Jin is a place I recommend!

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Name: Ah-Jin Rice Noodles 阿進切仔麵
Additional Reviews+Photos: pixnet/ksdelicacy, xuite/cat062
Address: No. 148, Làinán St, Yancheng District Kaohsiung City (高雄市鹽埕區瀨南街148號)
Price: 40NT
Menu: Chinese only (give Pleco some thought
Business hours: 9:00-20:00


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