Blue Gold – Where is your watershed?

Documentary freely and legally available on YouTube, but donations to the filmmaker are welcomed.

A while ago, amidst a week of never-ending downpour, I got around to watching Blue Gold: World Water Wars (2009), a documentary laying out contemporary issues about access to water. The documentary gets a bit alarmist at times, with the dramatic soundtrack to go along, but overall, it does its job raising awareness about water access (or monopoly?) and water conservation.

The documentary ends by asking “Where is your watershed?” (oops, sorry for the spoiler), and since I am currently living in Taiwan, I jumped on my laptop to seek more information about it. So for reference, should you wish to also learn more about your closest watershed in Taiwan, you can check out:

Et pour mes chers lecteurs francophones, quelques articles pertinents: “Taiwan, l’île tropicale qui avait soif” et “Menaces, lobbying, chantages : la guerre secrète de l’eau“.

(last updated: 2015/04/10 五)


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