Taiwanvore Digest #5 – January 2014

新年快樂!Kaohsiung Rapid Transit wishing its passenger a Happy New Year, at R11, Kaohsiung Train Station stop.
新年快樂!Kaohsiung Rapid Transit wishing a Happy New Year, at R11, Kaohsiung Train Station stop.

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Pheww, already February and four days into the New Chinese Year! Happy Year of the Horse Everyone!

Things have been quiet for the past two weeks for the good reason that I was out and about , entertaining a friend visiting Taiwan for the first time. Finally, I crossed off a bunch of places on my to-visit and to-eat lists, most of them did not disappoint, and thanks to the Taiwanese Gods for blessing us with a stellar weather throughout most our escapades. For Chinese New Year Eve’s, we booked an airbnb room in Taipei, and the landlord who went back home celebrate with his family graciously trusted us, leaving the apartment to ourselves. It had a kitchen, so I hauled a few ingredients to throw a respectable Chinese New Year Eve’s dinner, it was quite nice to eat a home-cooked meal again after two straight weeks of eating out. More details about all these culinary adventures in future posts!

For now, here’s a short roundup of January.

Mark your calendar for Rock Bandoh Festival 搖滾辦桌, taking place on 2014/3/29-30 at the Taipei Expo Park. The event is presented as a sort of mashup of Rock music performances and the traditional Taiwanese bandoh 辦卓 feast, a great opportunity to experience bandoh if you have not yet had the chance to! For more information and tickets sales, check out their website or fb page.

Congrats to Lanshu Chen 陳嵐舒 for winning Asia’s Best Female Chef! She has trained at reputable institutions in France as well as The French Laundry in California, so her restaurant in Taichung, Le Moût may well be worth a visit.

Taiwan’s postal service, Chungwa Post, did it again, with a series of four culinary stamps, dedicated to Gift Desserts from the Heart featuring pineapple cake 鳳梨酥, mochi 麻糬, sun cake 太陽餅 and egg yolk pastry 蛋黃酥. A few months before that, they also gave Taiwanese’s favorite Gourmet Snacks some love by putting stinky tofu 臭豆腐, Taiwanese meatball 肉圓, oyster omelet 蚵仔煎 and braised pork rice 滷肉飯 on stamps (thanks timbredujura for the news tip).

Yunlin Agri-Expo 雲林農業博覽會, until March 6th, the county of Yunlin is hosting an agricultural exposition with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and to showcase everything Yunlin’s farmers have to offer. The venue boasts some interesting green architectures which I’m very looking forward to seeing in person. More information on their website and fb page.

A beautiful aerial video of Kaohshiung, 飛閱高雄, without its notorious smog (haha), and its vicinities which I have yet to visit. Thanks @TaiwanExplorer for the share.

Alright, that’s about it for January, and since we are still amidst Chinese New Year celebrations, I’ll end with some horse inspired Chinese idioms from @jasonqng, the guy behind Blocked on Weibo.


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