Taiwanvore Digest #6 – February 2014

(lire l’article en français)

What a nice three-day week-end to transition from February to March, so I hope everyone is having a swell time. This also means that it’s time for a wrap-up of last month, so let see.

– About 228: if you have no clue why this past Friday was a holiday, read up on the 228 incident or the first-hand account of George Kerr, author of Formosa Betrayed, on that day. If you are still wrapping your ahead around the history of Taiwan, just like me, then this is definitely an event to learn more about.

– iCook Cooking Diary 愛料理日記料理: the Taiwanese go-to recipe website has launched a new mobile application on Android and iOS, for users to keep a visual diary of their home-cooked culinary creation. I’ve started using it to casually record some dishes of mine and get some Chinese practice along, which is all pretty fun. Having a glimpse at what goes on in other people’s kitchen is also a great source of inspiration, and motivation to cook more. Feel free to add me if you’re also using the application skype_smile.

– Coffee, Google Maps, Taipei: I love coffee and I love Google Maps! Taipei is lucky to have such an extensive blog coverage of its coffee scene and bloggers kind enough to share their Google Maps, so, big shout out to: Kevin’s Superhero Listing (chinese), Allister’s Taipei Cafes (english), and Eric’s taiwan.loves.coffee (english).

– Taipei International Bakery Show, March 13-16 2014: mark your calendar! I’m looking forward to going this year, for the first time! More info at http://www.tibs.org.tw/en or their facebook page.

Some blog post updated:

That’ll be it for February. I have a bunch of drafts waiting to be published, so stay tuned!


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