Taiwanvore Digest #7 – March 2014

What a month of March! The Sunflower Student Movement rose, and absorbed almost all my attention during the first part of the uprising. I’m still following the protest, though less intensively and hopefully, once it concludes, I will manage to pull some thoughts together and leave a written trace about this historical event on my blog.

About the blog, well, once again, I updated my map of night markets in Kaohsiung, and I think I’ve pinned them all down right now, pheww! According to my published articles, I’m barely 10% done into my challenge of eating through the 雄好呷 restaurants guide, but fear not, there’s a stash of draft waiting to be polished before unveiling them to the world.

With that said, here’s a pot-pourri of some bits of information, in no order of importance, which I deemed worth of sharing, and hopefully you will concur as well ;). Enjoy!

Humans of Taiwan. Inspired by Humans of New York,  some motivated souls living in Taiwan are bringing us Humans of Taiwan, follow those projects on facebook:

Taste Taiwan:  A culinary tour. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited three North American chefs onto a culinary tour of Taiwan, and had them friendly compete at the end. The trio starts in Taipei, and travels through the east coast before reaching their final destination, Kaohsiung.  The show aired on Discovery Channel, but you can still enjoy it on YouTube:

7-11 ibon emulator. Learn how to tame that beast at 7-11, this buy-it-all-tickets, pay-it-all-bills and printer proxy  machine wonder, but which looks kind of scary because it communicates only in Chinese. Thanks to the emulator online, you can practice at home instead instead of 發呆ing in front of the machine when the person behind  (yes, me 😉 ) is getting antsy to print just a page.(via @zhongruige)

In-N-Out pop-up store in Taipei. Yup, it happened, on March 11th. The hardcore fans would have been disappointed to see that their milkshakes and French fries were absent from the menu, but I guess the free swag given away for the occasion made that up.

Stand by Me Doraemon. To all Doraemon fans, prepare some tissue 😦 , the last Doraemon movie is set for release this upcoming summer, on August 8th. In this final episode, Doraemon will bid farewell to his longtime friend Nobita, and the audience as well. The movie will showcase the characters in 3D CGI, and from the trailer, the movie looks rather promising.

Getty Images for bloggers. In case you missed it, Getty Images is making over 35 millions of it pictures available for non-commercial use. A news warmly welcomed by the blogging community, at least by me :). Up until now, I relied a lot on flickr to find attractive pictures, it helps that Taiwanese users share quite a lot of pictures on it, so it’s exciting to now have another source for illustrations, even if yes, many pictures on Getty are pulled from flickr. At the moment of this writing, there are 21,629 results tagged with Taiwan, lots of beautiful sceneries, and shots of food, of course! 😛



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