Taiwanvore Digest #8 – April 2014

A few minutes before the boat lifted the gate, this old man barged in, went straight for the front of the ferry, unfolded his deckchair, sat in it, and put on some sunglasses.
To Cijin 旗津. A few minutes before the boat lifted the gate, this old man barged in, went straight for the front of the ferry, unfolded his deckchair, sat in, and put on some sunglasses. Yup, this is how it’s done! 😎

Phew, another month has gone by. Temperatures are starting to rise, and so is the number of drafts in my backlog waiting to be published :/ . Without further due, here’s a recap of April.

Blog housekeeping: comment policy. Despite efforts of writing in a way that doesn’t offend readers, a post somehow managed to get someone angry enough to land me an insult. Long story short, I have updated the About page, and included a link to the kind of comment policy I subscribe to. All in all, I can say I am now vaccinated against this type of negative comments 😉 .

Do not get me wrong though, I am open to comments, as long as they contribute to the conversation and remain civil and politeThis is a simple and humble personal blog, a virtual space for me to jot down some thoughts, if they are useful for others, then that’s great, otherwise, there is nothing worth getting worked up over.

Now, onto more interesting news. 🐱

Blog restaurants reviews updates. The restaurant industry is a tough world. One of the first places I reviewed, Okonomiyaki Hut 信樂屋日式鐵板燒 has permanently closed at the end of March, Banh Mi Saigon 西貢麵包 has gone off the radar, and A-Main Mochi 阿綿麻糬 is temporarily closed because the lady-boss needs a rest 😥 . 加油 to all three of them!

NYC biandang food truck. Nice background story on the first Taiwanese biandang (lunchbox/bento box) food truck in New York City. Way to represent!

Meet Mooming, your eating buddy.  Do you feel awkward eating solo? How about a giant Moomin stuffed animal to keep you company? This is exactly a concept introduced at a Moomin Cafe in Japan. Now, when will this arrive in Taiwan? 🐻

Taiwan Language blog. I recently stumbled on an interesting blog dedicated to the Taiwanese language, where the author, an 83 years old retiree, provides comprehensive explanations of some Taiwanese expressions. As a nice touch of attention, he even goes in the trouble of posting image copies of his articles, in case your browser setting is not correctly configured to display symbols and other odd characters.

For foreigners interested in learning Taiwanese, beware that the blog is all in Chinese, so being able to read Chinese is a must.

Mengdian 萌典. It’s been a while I haven’t geeked around with Chinese learning tools, so I was rather delighted to discover Mengdian 萌典 via my twitter timeline. It is primarily a Chinese-Chinese dictionary, but also provides English, French and German translations. A glossary of Taiwanese and Hakka expressions is also available, and BoPoMoFo (zhuyin fuhao) is conveniently listed for each entries. Less convenient for beginners in Chinese learning, is the 100% interface in Chinese.

Mengdian 萌典 is available as a desktop version, but also on Android and iOS. The whole project is open source and available on github. Huge congrats to the author ⭐ ! I’m already a fan!

Kaohsiung International Food Festival: May 10th & 11th. To end on a food note, the Kaohsiung International Food Festival will once again take place for this year, at the Dream Mall. An occasion to discover a piece of the foreign food scene in Kaohsiung.




9 thoughts on “Taiwanvore Digest #8 – April 2014

  1. moomin idea – brilliant, guess I will have to go to Japan 😉
    comment policy: not sure what comment you were dealt, but know that we are not here to please everyone — there will always be someone who will be upset by something you write, say, or do. So just go on – there are plenty of us who are interested in the genuine what you have to say not the fake overly sensored stuff.


    1. It was no biggie, nothing as bad as some other comments I’ve seen left on other blogs. I kind of expected this would happen someday anyway, so I was prepared, haha. Thanks for the kind words 🙂


  2. It is always interesting to see how popular Moomin is in Japan as it is originaly a Finnish comic strip which was later adopted into an anime in Japan.

    In Helsinki we have a few Moomin stores and they are always crowded with Japanese tourists 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have heard about the Kaohsiung International Food Festival now for several years but I have never attended it – it is always over when I find out about the dates. Maybe next year will be my year to attend!


    1. It’s a chill small gathering to enjoy foreign food. They do put a list of all vendors online, so if you miss the festival, you can always directly go check them out.


    1. Any idea what purpose 萌典 serves in relation to 零時政府? I kept wondering why the app was sponsored/promoted by g0v, and just settled on the thought that the author of 萌典 wanted to promote 零時政府 because she was also involved in it.


        1. Oh, wow, I just read that section, fascinating! I’ll have to catch up with the rest of the page later, but thanks for directing me there. 讚!


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