Photo Walk: Labor Park Night Market 老公夜市 (khh)

The night market is ready!
Getting ready!

Today, let me take you on a walk at the Labor Park Night Market 老公夜市, taking place every Monday, in an otherwise uneventful part of the city. I don’t recall seeing it mentionned on any  travel guides or english blogs so I thought I would do it justice here.

I really like this night market for its balanced mix of food, shopping, and entertainment, and even if I only buy food, I always enjoy strolling through it. It has a reasonable size, so I’m often done with it in about 30-45 minutes or so, depending on if I linger at some stands or not. There are a lot of people, but not Fengjia crazy, it has a pleasant atmosphere, but less pleasant maybe is the lack of trash bins, so the ground is the only place to leave paper wrappings and such. A cleaning team does sweep by afterwards, so don’t feel so guilty. Also, if you are looking for restrooms, they’ll be located in the park, not far from the improvised music stage (see below).

This night market should appear in a movie or drama featuring Tiffany Hsu, I walked by on the night of the shooting, and oh boy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a giant professional video camera. It was kind of fun to see the shooting process, and I can’t wait to see the final production!

For directions to the Labor Park Night market, look for it on my Kaohsiung Night Market Map and GMap it for directions.

Enjoy the pictures and comments, and I apologize in advance for the subpar quality of the photos. Click on a picture to launch the carousel, WordPress fancy word for image gallery 🙂 . This is just a glimpse of the night market, and hopefully, it’ll entice you to come check it out in person.

For some reasons, this night market has quite a few stands selling mini hot-pots, which are quite popular too. Tables on the sidewalks are often filled with people eating, some even wait in line for it!
This little cart smells sooooo gooood, I always want to try it, but then I look closer, and chicken out (pun intended 😉 ). All I can do, is pass by it just to inhale the delicious smell.
Stinky tofu soup and more barbecued food.
Lemon aiyu jelly drink, perfect to quench one’s thirst. Or, keep it traditional with some red milk tea, made with fresh milk.
Small pastries filled with cream. I admit, it’s one of my guilty pleasure at this night market ^^’ .
Buns steaming hot, for some gua bao goodness.
One of the barbeque stands.
The sign says that the fruits are guaranteed to be sweet.
At the intersections of Yide road 一德路 and Fuxing road 復興路, performances often take place.Al fresco music stage, for a night.Chairs and hand fans waiting for you. Bring your anti-mosquitoes spray though.
The auction man who will make you bid for some objects you don’t really need. Will you resist him?
Pocket mirrors, and all kinds of hair accessories.
A popular DIY for kids and adults alike. Taiwanese are really full of ideas when it comes to entertainment.
Carousel for kids!
A DIY activity I saw for the first time. Pick a drawing from the board and start coloring it.
Shooting range, Taiwan style. Open to kids and adults.
Shopping for household items.
Stinky tofu! First time I have it with some Taiwanese basil, good stuff.
Cold marinated food, good for snacking.
A pop-corn chicken stand that I like to patronize. The sign 「請用手勢」 means to point at what you want, because the lady-boss is deaf. I never realized it until I saw her communicate in sign language with someone else.
Faux sushis, but a crowd pleaser.
Garlic crabs or shrimps, smells good (if you like garlic) but so messy to eat. Some sort of snails from the sea, cooked with a hair-dryer XD .
The corn lady, she grills it and then smothers it with different sauces, I have no idea what they are, but the mix of sauces totally steals the star from the corn.
No, this isn’t the bakery section of Carrefour, you are still at the night market.
Oyster omelet, yet another night market fixture.
Vintage CDs, VCDs, DVDs. Who knows, it could make for great Chinese learning material 😉 .
Little plants, or little fishes.
Cute little furry balls, though I feel bad seeing them all crammed in cages.
Try your hand at darts. If you read the sign, you’ll notice that guys have to get 5 strikes, while girls only need 4. Sexist? Yes, but I’ll let this one fly 😀 .
Undies mades in Taiwan. Souvenir gift anyone? 😉
Let’s finish with a smile from this other corn selling lady. A stolen moment, as I don’t think she was smiling for the camera. I love the expression on her face 😀 .

(last updated: 2014/06/08 日)


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