(No Name) Kumquat Syrup Dessert Tofu 金桔糖蜜傳統豆花 – 雄好呷 #049 (khh)

Kumquat Syrup Tofu.

Today, let’s talk about this nameless Kumquat Syrup Dessert Tofu cart, which on some days, could also be called the 30-minutes-wait Dessert Tofu car. Yes, I kid you not. Actually, the first time I went, I had some time to kill, so I joined the queue which had already started forming well before the dessert tofu vendor appeared.

This tofu cart, usually manned by two brothers, is popular for selling hand-made dessert tofu accompanied with their trademark kumquat syrup. An original pairing  that attracts locals and tourists alike. Each batch of tofu is produced the day of, and with a growing popularity thanks to the 雄好呷 book and  some TV shows, they are now selling four barrels of tofu instead of two in the past.

No vendor in sight, but the line is already forming!
No vendor in sight, but the line is already forming!

The first time I went, over the Chinese New Year break, they were still selling warm tofu, so I got a warm and cold one. The cart is right in front of a 7-11 with seats inside, but it was so nice that day, that I preferred taking my visiting friend to the Pier 2 artsy area and enjoy our desserts there.

I tried the warm tofu first, and to be honest, I did not really dig it. There was a kind of burnt/smoke flavor to it, which put me off a little. I then tried the cold tofu, which tasted more to what I’m used to, i.e. bland, haha.  On a separate occasion, I passed by in the neighborhood and saw no one in line, so I stopped and bought a cold tofu, thinking I would double-check my first impressions. Sadly, my taste buds still detected the burnt/smoke flavor, albeit the presence was milder than in the warm version, but I still could not get used to it, though I did finish my portion.

I see tofu!
I see tofu! 😮

I’m still wondering where those hints of  burnt/smoked flavors come from… the investigation is still going ❓ . However, that’s not to say you will not like it, and I encourage you to try it for yourself. I’ve seen people leave with a big bag, carrying more than the limited 10 bowls/person, and people still line up, so there’s definitely something about this dessert tofu, but I guess, I do not get it, haha :/ .

With this burnt/smoke ordeal, I didn’t really pay attention to the kumquat syrup, but from what I can remember, the syrup just had a mild taste of the fruit and was a little sour, or dare I say 酸V.

All in all, in the land of sweet dessert tofu, my favorite combination of lemon juice+micro tapioca pearls at Anping Jelly Bean 同記安平豆花, still reigns supreme to me 😛 .

(Update!) Since 2015, there’s now have a brick and mortar shop, and a name for it: 鹽埕吳家豆花.

Name: (No Name) Kumquat Tofu 無店名金桔糖蜜傳統豆花
Additional Reviews+Photos: pixnet/nellyu
Business hours: 12:30-16:00 or whenever they sell out, closed on Mondays
Price: 30NT (cold tofu), 35NT (warm tofu, only available in winter)

(last updated: 2016/10/14 五)


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