Takao Fat Charcoal Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治 – 雄好呷 #078 (khh)

Where is the bridge??? :?
What happened to the bridge??? 😕

Mini-tragedy 迷你悲劇. With the continuous face-lift of the Kaohsiung harbor, my route to the Yancheng district has become slightly less scenic with the connecting bridge on the waterfront bicycle trail temporarily dismembered, sigh, so is the price to pay to have have a pretty city.

In any case, the Yancheng district remains a fun place to hang out, with still many eateries to discover, and so today, let’s have some charcoal sandwich, which basically is a sort of club sandwich where the toasts are grilled over charcoal. It sounds fancy, but personally, I find the end-result no better than using a toaster.

I actually had already tasted some charcoal sandwich at some famous place for it in Tainan, where I had to queue up, and though the sandwich was good, I left with a “so, this is it?” impression. But, since I’m always game to be proven otherwise, I enthusiastically took on the advice of my foodie guidebook, and headed to Takao Fat Charcoal Fat Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治, in the Yancheng district.

In business since 1965, the sandwich shop moved to its current location in 2008, to continue servicing loyal and new customers alike. Management has already transferred to the second generation, which appears to be keeping the boat sailing just fine.

Takao Charcoal Fat Sandwich_2
Sandwich in the making.

On the evening I went, there wasn’t much of a line but the flow of customers was pretty steady, and most of the eat-in tables were taken. I ordered the special 招牌三明治 consisting of mayo, Taiwanese ham, eggs and small cucumber, for 35NT. The author recommends enjoying the sandwich on the premises, while hot, and along with a traditional soy milk red tea (古早味紅茶豆漿), but not feeling the gloomy vibe of the dining room, I made my way back to a nearby open plaza. Early on, I had spotted some public singing, so I took a seat on the sides, and to the tunes of some traditional Taiwanese KTV (古早 KTV), I started munching on my still-warm charcoal grilled sandwich.

Takao Charcoal Fat Sandwich_5
Old-school roadside KTV, it doesn’t get more Taiwanese than that.

Taste-wise, I was just as impressed as what I recalled the Tainan’s version to be, and had more admiration at how well the sandwich was stacked. The scent of the charcoal doesn’t really come through on toasts like it does with meat, so I wondered why all this trouble, when a toaster would do the job just fine (for the toasts, not the meat XD ). Nonetheless, on that too-lazy-to-cook evening, this Taiwanese creation that is the charcoal grilled sandwich paired just fine with the sound of professional Taiwanese street KTV singers.

Takao Charcoal Fat Sandwich_3
Just another evening in the life of a hungry soul, in Kaohsiung.

Name: Takao Fat Charcoal Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治
Additional Reviews+Photos: pixnet/kazekuma, pixnet/barbieedoll, pixnet/smilejean
Price: 35NT
Business Hours: 7H00-11H00, 18H00-23H00, closed on Mondays
Menu: Chinese only (give Pleco some thought)

(last updated: 2014/06/23 一)


2 thoughts on “Takao Fat Charcoal Sandwich 大ㄎㄡ胖碳烤三明治 – 雄好呷 #078 (khh)

    1. Hey there! Is the GMaps and the location, at the very end of the post not showing up for you? GMaps has done some improvements and shows the address so I stopped including it in my posts. Let me know if the GMaps is still causing trouble.


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