Taiwanvore’s Digest #9 – May 2014

I've visited many night markets in the US and Europe, but this is the first time I see some honeycomb. Is it due to the Honey Creme craze?
Seen at the organic farmers’ market. I’ve visited many farmers’ markets in the US and Europe, but this is the first time I see some honeycomb sold like that. Is it due to the Honey Creme craze?

A week well into June, and I’m posting May’s digest, what a shame! I should probably simply skip it , but for the sake of continuity, I will hurry my behind and press that Publish button.

Amsterdam Food Film Festival. 總舖師 Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast was screened, and got some love by earning the Audience Award, so yay to that!

Seattle International Film Festival. Five Taiwanese movies screened, one of which being the beautiful documentary  Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above, which I hope will also get picked up by The Landmark Theaters. The Search for General Tso, co-produced by Jennifer 8. Lee, looks intriguing, so I hope it’ll find its way on the Taiwanese screens, Eslite Art House, pretty please?

Growing coffee in Taiwan. I’ve seen coffee seedlings at the week-end flowers market, but haven’t yet made the jump of growing one of my own. After reading Syurati’s experiment with it, I think I’ll dive in and adopt a little coffee tree.

Folk religion in Taiwan. I love folk religion in Taiwan, it’s always very colorful, the temples, the celebrations, it really puts some spice in the streets of Taiwan. I also appreciate how open it is and how you don’t need to be exclusive to one god, instead, it’s more of a come and go spiritual deal. Just don’t forget, whoever you are praying to or asking advice from, if your wishes become true, go back with gifts as a thank you gesture. Lao Ren Cha wrote about her experience with the Earth God, proof that it works!

Doraemon to debut in the US. Just as the last Doraemon movie will hit the screen this summer in Asia, the robotic cat and his friends will be getting a new lease on life with a debut on Disney Channel.

An ode to Taiwan 7-11. A great article on how 7-11 in Taiwan puts the convenient in convenient store. I’ve heard Taiwanese friends say that as long as they have a 7-11 nearby, they can survive. Clearly, they’ve never been to a 7-11 in America 😉 .

The state of fine dining in Taiwan. In case you missed it, Ketalagan Media did a great interview in English with Liz from Self-Taught Gourmet, where they discussed the state of fine dining in Taiwan, or rather the lack of it.

iChef startup. Not that I’d have any use for for this app, but the story behind this point-of-sale ipad-based software, made in Taiwan, is an interesting read, especially, learning how Mazendo got started.

That’ll be it for this time! Wishing a great week-end to you all! ❤





4 thoughts on “Taiwanvore’s Digest #9 – May 2014

  1. Thanks for the Taiwanese movie recommendations, I have a lot to watch. I usually try to learn as much about Chinese cinema as I can. Anything else I should see?


      1. I don’t mean any disrespect, of course there’s a difference. Hong Kong cinema is different from mainland cinema as well. But there is some overlap. Isn’t Jay Chou in some ‘greater China’ movies?

        I’m mostly familiar with mainland, especially 5th generation 90s art films. HK indie directors like Wong Kar Wai as well. Feel I should know more about Taiwanese.

        I’ll check out 飲食男女


        1. No worries 🙂
          And you’re right to point out that nowadays, some Taiwanese artists like Jay Chou also play in “greater China” cinema.

          The thing with Taiwanese movies is that some heavily contain some dialogue in Taiwanese, which can make it hard to follow. They are not marketed as much as say Hollywood movies, so you really have to dig for them.


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