Café 自然醒 (khh)

Café 自然醒, on a rare rainy day in Kaohsiung (from pixnet/cheng0073)
Café 自然醒, on a rare rainy day in Kaohsiung (from pixnet/cheng0073)

Caffé Bene has kept expanding in different parts of Kaohsiung, with soon too many stores to keep track of, my review on the Korean coffee-shop chain regularly attracts readers, but it’s time to introduce a real coffee-shop on this blog!

Even with the huge and bright light green banner hanging above the entrance of the coffee-shop, it’s easy to miss Café 自然醒 (Café Wake Up) located a few streets off from the buzzing New Shinkuchan 新堀江 shopping area. I remember passing by when it first opened, just about two years ago, and wasn’t sure what make of it. Is it yet another brunch place? Is the banner flaunting all those certifications just for show? Only way to know, step-in and order a cup of coffee.

The inside is spacious, clean, well-lit, minimalist, the door of the bathroom is a faux-wall to keep the fengshui flowing, there are tables outside but a pity so many motorized vehicles whiz by, making it hard to enjoy a cup of coffee outside.

I think coffee aficionados will like the place, especially for the wide range of single-origin coffee listed on the blackboard, and as of late, they even offer some of the elusive coffee beans grown in Taiwan! Though from what I understand, production of quality coffee beans from Taiwan pales in comparison to the foreign offering, so it may well be, that by the time you read this, the coffee-shop no longer carries it. All the single-origin coffee comes with a hand-made biscotti from Choco Maca, and before starting brewing, they get some coffee foreplay going by bringing over the freshly grounded beans, for you to smell the aroma.

You'll have to pay a visit to know what that cup of coffee tasted like. ;)
You’ll have to pay a visit to know what that cup of coffee tasted like. 😉

If you’re satisfied with the usual latte or cappuccino, they also know how to make a solid one there. To make things tipsier, try one of their coffee cocktails, not so heavy on alcohol so appropriate for breakfast 😛 ,  or put some zest in your caffeine with their lemon shot! The menu offers some brunch food, but also bagel sandwiches and dessert for those with a lighter appetite.

All in all, Café 自然醒 is a coffee-shop serious about its coffee, giving the real impression that they make the effort to share their best with customers, and even occasionally offer some coffee workshops. Service is also very pleasant, with a knowledgeable staff.

Besides coffee drinks, bean bags are also available for sale, roasted in-house, by the owner who is none other than this year’s winner of  the World Coffee Roasting Championship. Yay! Go Taiwan! Go Kaohsiung!

Now, while I’m glad to have a safe go-to spot to enjoy a great cup of joe, that might make it harder to get me out of my comfort-coffee zone, and see what else is in the city 😉 .

Name: Café 自然醒
Additional Reviews+Photos: pixnet/cheng0073, blogspot/ilovekenting
Bussines Hours: 8h00-18h00, closed Tuesdays
Price: 70NT+
Menu: Chinese (English for coffee section)


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