Soba-ing at 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺 (khh, tpe)

Where the heck is the restaurant?

Taiwanese food bloggers really own it when it comes to covering new food joints in town. Do they have a seventh sense for it? Are those new places contacting them for some buzz? Is there a dedicated board on their beloved PTT? I have no idea, but they sure make for a great source information, and are always prompt at reviewing the newest establishments in town.

If it weren’t for those bloggers, I’d likely have never noticed 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺. Originally from Taipei, a second outpost was recently inaugurated in Kaohsiung, tucked inside what used to be a Japanese bookstore, which in fact, is still there but has shrunk to make space for the restaurant. According to the website, the 2.5 months refers to the time from sowing the buckweat seeds to harvesting the crop, interesting, huh!

With the outdoor thermostat slowly rising, the cold noodles season has finally arrived, so let’s inaugurate at 2.5 Months Soba 二月半そば 蕎麦麺.

As you go in, you pass by the remnant of theJapanese bookstore, the interior is in the dark tones and has a kind of zen-like atmosphere. Two big design-ish communal tables fill-in the space, along with regular tables, and some seatings around a pillar.

2.5 Years Soba 2
Top: small soba with prawn, fish and vegetables tempura (280NT). Bottom: green onions and wakame cold soba (190NT)

The menu is simple in navigate, in Chinese and English, with a selected choice of cold soba for dipping, cold noodle plates, or hot bowls of soba, and a variety of side items.

I delved right in with the fish, prawn and vegetable tempura set. The tempura didn’t feel greasy at all, everything felt light, well seasoned, and was crunchy. The eggplant showcased some fine knife skills, the prawn was delicious from body-to-tail, and I also really enjoyed the slice of pumpkin with its crispy outer shell but soft and slightly sweet meat on the inside.

The cold soba plate with the greens onions, wakame, bonito shaving and other fixings, also held its own, it was refreshing, and the portion was just right to satisfy one’s hunger. Though if you are really hungry, you can have the option to pay more for some extra soba.

Top: grated yam 山藥, soft-boiled egg cold soba (220NT).
Middle: lightly roasted bonito (120NT).
Bottom right: soup to add to the leftover soba dipping sauce.

On a separate visit, I thought I’d try the grated yam and soft-boiled cold soba plate, it was my first time eating some of this yam 山藥 which I often see at the market, and let me warn you, this shall likely be the last! At least, eaten its raw and grated form.

When my plate arrived, all hungry that I was, I broke the egg yolk and started mixing everything, without noticing the grated yam hiding below the egg. What ensued was some sort of slimy, or as Wikipedia describes it “mucilaginous“, sauce coating all the noodles. I wasn’t particularly put-off by the appearance, though it did look odd,  and upon my first bite, I wondered if this dish was really meant to have such a consistency. I ate some more, thinking I’d get use to it, but finally relented, and convinced my super dear friend to switch for his set of cold soba and tempura, muhaha, it’s nice to eat with people who aren’t picky.

On to some more pleasant bites, I’m not a big fan of raw meat or fish, but with such a warm weather, cold fish does sound more enticing, so I ordered some lightly roasted bonito. The slices could have been a few millimeters thicker, other than that, it tasted good and fresh.

With each order of cold soba for dipping, once you’re done with the noodles, they’ll bring some soup to pour in the dipping cup of soy sauce. They actually forgot to bring it on my first visit, booo 😡 , but there wasn’t anything transcending about it, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if they forget to bring it, and move on for some coffee or dessert nearby.

Name: 二月半そば 蕎麦麺 2.5 Months Soba
Additional Reviews+Photos: pixnet/lovecremebrulee, pixnet/nigi33kimo
Price: 300NT+ (10% service fee)
Menu: Chinese and English


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