Taiwanvore Digest #11 – July 2014

Amidst modern urbanity, this vintage water fountain (from the Japanese era?) remains intact,  so far, passing the test of time with flying colors. Somewhere in Kaohsiung.
Somewhere in Kaohsiung, amidst modern urbanity, this vintage water fountain (from the Japanese era?) remains intact and operational, so far, passing the test of time with flying colors. Similar specimens also live on in the vicinities, you just need to  have an eye out for it =^-^=.

So, July is drawing to an end. A fairly quiet month on the blog. I shortly went back to France, where I had a jolly time indulging in all the baguettes, raw milk cheeses, and pastries that can’t be found or matched in Taiwan, or anywhere else in the world for that matter ;).

Still, I was happy to get back home. Walking through the automatic doors leading into the arrival hall of Kaohsiung airport, my olfactory senses immediately assaulted by the scent of tea eggs from Family Mart, stepping outside, marching towards the subway, the scent faded into this indescribable moist odor that permeates the city, the warm and humid air just as quickly fogged up my glasses, indeed, there was no question about it, if my mind was still in a daze, all those physical stimuli slapped me a clear Welcome back! in the face.

To Do or See. Here and there.

Kaohsiung 高雄: Pili Puppets 霹靂布袋戲 mini-exhibit at the airport. Pili Puppets, we meet again! Along with the current exposition at Pier 2, a small Pili Puppets exhibit is currently temporarily on display at the Kaohsiung airport, third floor, departure Gate 21.

Tainan 臺南: List of working cafes. A good start to discover the coffee culture in the ancient capital.

Changhua 彰化: Night Markets schedule. A nice roundup and descriptions of night markets in Changhua and its vicinities.

Taichung 臺中: Cultural Creativity Tourism Night Market 經貿文創觀光夜市(article in Chinese). The madness of mega night markets continues with Taichung inaugurating one of its own, hopefully marking the end of the series in Taiwan.

Taipei 臺北: Taiwan International Culinary Exhibition 8/15-18. Great! I was just looking for a reason to go to Taipei :P.

Say what?!!!

Dog temple 十八王公廟. The article is in French, but pictures speak for themselves. I had no idea such a temple existed in Taiwan :o.

Funny Sex. Great photos and narrative of this peculiar restaurant located in Kaohsiung, which I doubt will be featured on this blog ^^’.

Geek stuff.

Free Chinese TrueType fonts with zhuyin fuhao 注音符號/bopomofo ㄅㄆㄇㄈ. A great set of Chinese fonts, including some displaying the zhuyin fuhao pronunciation on the side. (Kudos to my tweeps and ChineseHacks for nudging me there)

Interview with Michael Love Pleco founder. As far as Chinese dictionaries apps go, my heart sticks with Pleco. Hard to believe it’s still a one man running the show.


Café·Waiting·Love 等一個人咖啡. Yet another movie based on the famous online author Giddens Ko 九把刀. In theaters, August 15th.


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