Taiwanvore Digest #12 – August 2014

For decades, the Duralex brand has been the unofficial official tumbler provider at school dining halls in France (and in Britain too?!?). Recently, I’ve noticed them more and more in Taiwan, whether it be at quaint restaurants or hip cafés.It’s a little strange but always a pleasant little suprise.
Who knew such a mundane childhood detail would emerge after all those years and on this little island. Cheers to that! With a Duralex tumbler of course ;).

After a rocky beginning of the month marked by the mourning of victims from Penghu plane crash and gas explosion in Kaohsiung, August has been a relatively quiet. Hence, this digest is kept short, and unconsciously (or not), focused on Kaohsiung’s happenings.

Kaohsiung 8/1 Explosion, Rebuiling In-Progress  The city has been busy mending its wounded area and posting daily progress on the city’s fb account. In true Taiwanese fashion of showing accountability, they provide pictures and percentage progress, to the hundredths decimal!

Also, shoutout to ⭐ @msanthropia ⭐ for relaying on reddit my short article on how to donate to help with the Kaohsiung Explosion, and tactfully moderating comments that arised.

Go! Go! Go Kaohsiung! (fb/高雄不思議)
The percentages on the left show the projected goals, and the digits on the right indicate the actual progress. Go! Go! Go Kaohsiung! (fb/高雄不思議)

Pierre Gagnaire in Kaohsiung Thomas Chien is doing it again, after inviting Alain Passard last year, he will welcome another three Michelin stars, Pierre Gagnaire, in his Kaohsiung French fine dining restaurant to host lunch (12 500NT) and dinner (15 000NT) from October 2nd to October 6th. (Considering the price tag, do not expect a review 😀 )

RIP Kaohsiung’s Dingshan Night Market 鼎山夜市  Announced just a month ago and at the surprise of all, one of Kaohsiung’s long standing night market, in operation for 10+ years, is shutting down. Rumors has it that the land owner is selling the area to build a commercial or residential building. I’ve never visited this particular night market, but from reading comments onilne, it feels like it was cherished by the locals :'(.

¡Hola Kaohsiung Light Rail! – We’re still a year away from the official set inauguration date, but trials for the first light rail system in Taiwan, will take place next month, in September. One test tramway is currently making its way by ferry, from Spain.

Embarking from Barcelona, Spain. (fb/陳菊 (花媽) 市長)
Embarking from Barcelona, Spain. (fb/陳菊 (花媽) 市長)

Selected Tweets. Tweets easily get lost or overlooked, so from now on, I’ll be including some tweets that I post or that appear on my timeline, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Taiwanvore Digest #12 – August 2014

    1. I didn’t even know Britain had some until I researched some info to write this post, haha. They are still popular in France, but the company is now marketing to foreign markets. The US amazon is even selling them now.


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