Taiwanvore Digest #13 – September 2014

During a solo improvised travel to Hong-Kong a few years ago, I chanced upon Ho Hung Kee 何洪记, a tiny and cramped one star Michelin restaurant. I was seated at a small table, the opposite space was free, so another solo dinner got placed there. It was strange to eat in such proximity of a stranger, literally, right in my face. I thought we’d both feel uncomfortable, but not all, from the vibe of my unknown dining companion, I gathered this was normal by Hong-Kong standards. It’s great to be a solo dinner in Asia.

Since my visit, Ho Hung Kee 何洪记 closed down due to higher rent prices and relocated inside a mall to keep the show going on. Many other traditional eateries haven’t had the same luck though, so slowly, Hong Kong is losing its distinct flavor. Whatever happens to Taiwan, let’s hope it won’t live to experience the same fate.

On a lighter note, autumn has arrived and the weather is finally cooling off, yay to that! The mid-autumn festival 中秋節 happened earlier this year, on September 8th, tainted by the gutter oil scandal, but the spirit of barbecuing on the side of the roads lived on, cheers to that!

Another exciting (or not) happening this month was the discovery of the hair salon Vis a Vis recommended by @TrickyTaipei. The hair-dresser I used to go to in Kaohsiung has vanished, and since I was in Taipei for a few days, I went in, didn’t fully understand everything the hair designer (Isa) was asking, but I kept saying yes, and once over, I was more than satisfied with the end-result. 🙂

And now, I leave you with a few links of interests, enjoy.

iVegan Supermarket. Great detailed and illustrated review of this all vegan stores.

WWOOFing in Taiwan. Have a glimpse at what it’s liked to WWOOF in Taiwan.

Support the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival. The first ever edition, featuring movies from all horizons The Taipei segment has just ended, but the festival continues on in Kaohsiung from 10/03 to 10/07.

Pili Puppets 霹靂布袋戲 on YouTube. I still don’t quite understand the stories and dialogues but I’m a fan, are you? 😛

Carrefour investing in the import of French food. Will it be enough to make-up for the food nostalgia of all the Frenchies on the island? One thing is for sure though, with Joël Robuchon acting as a consultant and spokesperson for the line of artisanal French products Reflets de France, it won’t be hard to win over the hearts of Taiwanese consumers.

Selected tweets.


6 thoughts on “Taiwanvore Digest #13 – September 2014

  1. You gotta love a good barbeque during Moon Festival but I have to admit, the oil scandal was quite disturbing.

    As for dining with a stranger, My husband and have done it many times at Costco in Taichung but never at a Michelin star restaurant. Sounds a little awkward – did you actually talk to the stranger?


    1. No, I didn’t engage in any talk as the person looked like he had a long day, just wanted to eat and leave. I’ve often shared table with strangers, but at that restaurant, we were particularly close to one another.
      And although it had one Michelin star, the place was just a noodle shop, not sure it was Michelin star worthy but who knows, the Michelin star rating standards in Hong Kong aren’t quite the same as say in France.


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