This Group Of People (TGOP) 這群人

I don’t have cable TV so I entertain myself online 🙂 .

Recently, I discovered  This Group Of People 這群人, or actually re-discovered since I had seen their own version of Gangnam style. I was told that TGOP 這群人 would help me better understand Taiwanese people, 😮 , really?

The group is composed of six jolly members, they have become famous for their online videos spoofing Taiwanese TV and scenes from daily life in Taiwan. Some clips are sometimes hard to relate to because they reference situations growing up as a Taiwanese or require an appreciation of TWDrama, but for the most part the humor is pretty in-your-face and quite hilarious XD .

Like them on facebook to keep up with their latest, and catch up on  their past videos on YouTube.

Typical Taiwanese hospitality.

Absurd Smartphone APP.

Boring TV News (but more entertaining than the real thing).

Obnoxious customers.


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