[FYI] Taiwanese people vs Ting Hsin Intl Group

So, another food scandal has again hit Taiwan. Again, it’s about tainted oil, and again, it involves subsidiaries operated by Ting Hsin 頂新. It’s the third time in less than a year, and as the press briefly mentions it in the latest articles, Ting Hsin was also behind the case of the poisonous PCB-tainted rice bran oil in 1979. Back then, they retreated to China, launched a few food ventures there before coming back to Taiwan in 2002.

With so many frequent food scandals, I sometimes feel like people, myself included, become simply oblivious to it and carry on as usual, but this time, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, pushing some organizations and businesses to call for a boycott of products from all Ting Hsin’s 頂新 subsidiaries.

A facebook event (now closed), currently counting 141 thousands participants at the time of this writing, has been was set up and united 162.1K people in support of the boycott and call for a complete withdrawal of all Ting Hsin operation in Taiwan. If you wish to continue partaking in the boycott, check for the list of Ting Hsin’s subsidiaries here and here.

Eat safe and Happy Monday to you all! 🙂

This article is sponsored by the Union of Concerned Taiwanese Consumers. 😉


2 thoughts on “[FYI] Taiwanese people vs Ting Hsin Intl Group

    1. I don’t go to Costco, but knowing how they sell in quantities, it must have been quite a sight! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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