[FYI] Updates on GMO Soybean in Taiwan

Pledge to remove GMO food in public school lunches. (fb/校園午餐搞非基)

When news of the last food scandal about the use of animal feed broke out, I was appalled like everyone else, and then, thinking about it further, as the news and consumers were crucifying Ting Hsin, I just wanted to yawn. After all, the food oil company didn’t have to go too far to fetch such a malicious idea, since last year, it is a known fact that livestock feed soybean is imported and used to produce an array of soy-based food (tofu, soy milk, etc..). I seriously can’t believe it every time I type it, and reread the articles in Chinese a thousand times, but no, I am not reading it wrong.

Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but the Taipei Times appears to be the only news outlet to have reported about it in the English speaking press. And since this use of livestock feed soybean is being allowed thanks to lax import government regulations, none of this has leaked onto government-run news site <cough> Focus Taiwan and Taiwan Today </cough>.

Amidst this current food oil scandal, the topic of GMO soybeans seems to have picked up some momentum in the news again, luring some inquisitive minds to my long article written last year on the subject, but there’s been some change over the past year, for the best, so let’s get up-to-date!

Sorry, I had to post this. Those in-your-face poster-like  announcements always crack me up. I just want to yell back “Okkaaaaayy, Messaage Receiiiived, Thaaannkk Yooouuuu”. XD (fb/GMO Free USA)

The news actually dates back to March of this year, when the government changed the tolerance regulations from 5% to 0.9%. The new regulation is also anticipated to stipulate that items on menus and food sold in fresh markets will also require labeling regarding GMO content.

For reference, despite a majority of Americans in support of GMO labeling the United States have yet to act on it, and when it happens at the state level like in Vermont * the industry retaliates with a lawsuit. In short, don’t take your GMO label for granted, haha.

* Vermont, the state of Ben & Jerry’s 🙂 , also in support of GMO labeling, although I wonder if they had the foresight of what they wished for.

No to GMO in public school lunches campaign 校園午餐搞非基. Some  parents have taken it upon themselves to launch a campaign against GMO food in their kids’ lunches. Their lobbying efforts have focused on getting city mayors to pledge to remove GMO food from school lunches, especially targeting officials up for re-election next month. The list of all pledgees and signed promises is posted online.

In a true Taiwanese fashion of getting people psyched about the campaign, they are currently running a little game, with prizes to win. Guess which city mayor has pledged, if you have the right answer and lucky enough to be drawn, you’ll win a limited 《我們支持非基改》banner. XD The event ends tomorrow (10/25)! (fb/校園午餐搞非基)

Promotion of Identity Preserved (IP) soybean in Taiwan. Say what?! As I learned, not all non-GMO soybeans are created equal, and identity preservation is there to ensure a standard of quality of the soybean, among other produce. If you are motivated enough, enjoy this short reading.

To bring this IP soybean onto our plates, Taiwan’s Brothers Farm Foods 川武食品, the island’s second-largest tofu company has taken it upon itself to start the revolution of safe and healthy soy-based food, and launched a line of IP non-GMO tofu products.

Canadians will be pleased to see their maple leaf plastered on the packaging, since their country is so far the main provider of IP soybeans in Taiwan.

This article is brought to you by the Heirloom Soybean Family Foundation. 😉


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