Taiwanvore Digest #14 – October 2014

Ice Truck
In Taiwan, many desserts and beverages shops get their ice cubes delivered throughout the day. The delivery man (I’ve never seen a woman do it) always jumps off his driver seat, open the fridge-trunk, loads a bag on his shoulder and whizes into the shop, never taking the time to close the door behind him.

October has come and gone, and could have done without yet another food scandal. On the bright side, I unleashed the GMO watch-dogs who brought back some optimistic news for the future. In the middle of it all, I had the honor of being asked for a radio interview to discuss the organic farmers’ market  trend in Taiwan, but honestly, aside from slapping some information together on the subject, I am no expert (or am just too modest ^^’ ), and so I kindly suggested someone more appropriate and knowledgeable, hehe (Annie, I hope the interview pans out for you!).

With two months lefts, before we roll into 2015(!), my self-assigned challenge of eating through and reviewing the 100 establishments from the 雄好呷 book before the end of the year is clearly a lost cause XD . I’ve actually eaten at more than the 15 places reviewed, but the inspiration to write isn’t always there, and I’ve also kept going back to some favorite haunts instead of venturing into unknown territory. Ah well, as they say here, 慢慢來.

Tomorrow is October 31st, so Happy Halloween! And enjoy yet another monthly mash-up, courtesy of yours truly. Cheers! 🍸

Kaohsiung Gazette.

Bridge in the Sky 天空雲台, enjoy pictures or a time-lapse video of the the long-awaited final addition to the Railway Park 鐵道園區 park near the Pier 2 Art Center 駁二藝術特區. (A must-visit area(!) if you come to Kaohsiung)

The Kaohsiung Food Show will take place, November 6-9, at the beautifully designed Kaohsiung Exhibition Center which opened this year. The event seems to be geared towards a crowd of professionals, but is also open the public with an entrance fee of 50NT.

Some changes on the brunch menu at One on One Café, the food is still good, but drastic cost-control actions have been put in effect.

Gay Pride Parade 2014. Yup, it happened in Taiwan. Read more on why it’s a big deal in Asia or how to understand the Gay Pride.

NaNoWriMo, Taiwan. I’d heard of NaBloPoMo in the past, but National Novel Writing Month is news to me. Not that I’ll take part in it, but it’s nice to see there’s a group of enthusiastic writers in Taiwan taking part in it. For all the English teachers out there, I guess this can also make for a great assigment for students 😈 .

Tamper Tantrum, in Taipei, Nov. 3-4. For coffee aficionados, serious enough about coffee to shell out 4800NT to listen to talks from experts, this is the place to be. (Hat tip: Taiwan Loves Coffee)

Online press.

A Trip to Taiwan’s Magic Noodle Mountain. A tale of noodles served by Vice Munchies.

The Kitchen Network – America’s underground Chinese restaurant workers. A nice read, and to dig deeper on the subject I recommend The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

Flash mob proposal at Kaohsiung Airport. I usually wouldn’t post this kind of video here, but gotta represent my neck of the woods, plus, it rocks some ABBA, haha. 80s greatest hits still have some golden days ahead of them, here in Taiwan. XD

Selected tweets of the months.


6 thoughts on “Taiwanvore Digest #14 – October 2014

  1. Perhaps next year you can attack the 100 establishmet eating and reviewing challenge again! I think I would never manage something like that, eating in 10 restaurant throughout the year would already be a challenge for me 🙂


    1. It’s so convenient to eat out, here in Taiwan/Asia, but the real challenge is writing about all those place I ate at, hehe. But just 10 restaurants for you?! Come on, you can do better 😉 .


  2. NT$4800 for talks about coffee?? – I think I will stick to making and enjoying my daily cappuccino at home! And I had no idea that there was a secret Starbucks in Taipei 101 until I read it on a blog – I guess I know where I will be enjoying my next coffee in Taipei! (Now, that’s a lot of talk about coffee so I am going to make one now.)


    1. The Starbucks at 101 is such a hassle though. Last time I tried to get in, people had to buzz to get a pass (still had to wait), so I didn’t bother. It sounds like now visitors have to make an appointment and will still wait O_o Your coffee at home sounds much more enjoyable, hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Seriously?! I’ve been thinking of signing-up for it next year! XD Registration time is still months away though.


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