Getting Ready for RAW

RAW, André Chiang’s  latest venture, will inaugurate with a soft opening, running from November 20th to December 8th, so the press this week has started warming up the PR stage. Taiwan’s GQ interviewed him on the objective and vision of the new restaurant, and TVBS aired an hour-long TV program retracing the chef’s career. If your Chinese listening comprehension fares better than your reading, you can get the gist of his auto-biographical book Original Intentions 初心 by catching-up on the TV show (below).

The day prior to the soft opening, he’ll also be inaugurating the Taiwan Flavor Symposium to open the discussion on “What is Taiwan Flavor?”, an answer, he himself is still pondering on. The event is by-invitation only for this first edition, but with hopes of opening it to the public next year.

Will André Chiang succeed in putting Taiwan’s cuisine onto the international stage? That’s certainly the mission he’s assigned himself, and I bet that it will be an exciting on-going process to keep an eye on.






3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for RAW

    1. I’m unfortunately can’t be much help for Germany, haha, although I heard Hamburg has the biggest Chinatown in Europe, maybe you should move there? 😉


      1. I don’t know if Hamburg gas the biggest Chinatown in Europe but I know it has the biggest community i n Germany. However there is nothing clustered so you don’t even see many Asian stores and restaurants at one part of the city but spread out all over the place :p

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