Taiwanvore Digest #15 – November 2014

At last, I visited the infamous Monkey Mountain. Although the trail is more of an intensive walk than hiking, I still felt it’d be nice to have a walking stick, but came unprepared, so what an unexpected pleasant surprise it was to see some fallen branches repurposed as wooden sticks at the start of the trail (from Gushan High School), free for anyone to use.

This is quite embarrassing, posting this more than a week into December, so much that I’m not publicizing it on my twitter, haha, hoping it goes unnoticed 😬. If I haven’t been the most punctual with those monthly digests, I still mean to keep up the series until the end of the year, and will review later how to do those monthly roundups… we shall see.

November is/was the month of Thanksgiving, so thank you for your readership, 感謝 for taking the time to leave comments and/or engage on twitter, and brownie points to those sharing articles that piqued your interest. 🙂

Blog Housekeeping.

It’s probably gone unnoticed, but I’ve been fixing dead links here and there, and re-edited a few old articles. Some liken a blog to a virtual home, so I’m trying to keep things tidy around here.

I’ve added a  French corner, “Formosement vôtre,“, with a curated selection of Taiwan-related websites for the francophone audience.

Here and there.

Kaohsiung Main Public Library. Check out snapshots of the new artsy eco-friendly cultural landmark in Kaohsiung. 😍

Food Safety: A Legal Perspective. Understand how Taiwan’s judicial system deals with food scandals.

WaiChinese. Read about a new kind of Chinese learning language helper, focused on improving tones.

10 Things Which Make Cooking in Taiwan Difficult. We’ve all been there 😉 , also a good idea for a future post of my own, hehe.

Have the Holiday Blues? – 10 Ways to Enjoy Christmas Abroad. No need to go all out, but it’s indeed still nice to celebrate a little and keep traditions alive.

Ko Wen-Je’s white paper for the future of Taipei (in Chinese). The new-to-be mayor of Taipei lays it all out for his next years in office.

Selected Tweets.


5 thoughts on “Taiwanvore Digest #15 – November 2014

  1. I read before about this Monkey Mountain, is it worth a visit?

    There is much for me to do with my blog as well aka housekeeping. A lot of dead links and junk collected over the past months but I plan anyways “CrazyChineseFamily 2.0” this month 🙂


    1. Are we talking about the same Monkey Mountain? 🙂 Yes, it’s worth it, it’s definitely nice to have little mountain to breathe some fresh air, right next to the city.

      “CrazyChineseFamily 2.0”?! Haha, looking forward to it 🙂


      1. I hope that it is the same mountain, but then again I am never sure. Too many places have similar names even here in Germany it messed me up few times as even some towns have same names (there are two “Frankfurts” in Germany!!!)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I see your blog is all festive as well with snow falling – I guess you are getting into the holiday spirit! And don’t be so hard on yourself for posting this a week late!! I am usually late posting something similar to this as well and I don’t mind (or maybe I should learn to be more punctual with things like this). And thanks for sharing my post – Christmas is one of my favorite holidays so I tend to go all out and do most on the list!! haha 😉 🙂


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