Suspended Coffee Taiwan Style

Is this suspended coffee tradition, or caffè sospeso in Italian, really picking up again, or rather, has it once again piqued a journalist’s interest? I guess that just like History, News Stories are bound to repeat themselves, which can feel boring at times, but in some cases, stories don’t get old, and still make for great reads, written from a different and up-to-date perspective.

And since this suspended coffee story has re-emerged, I think it’s only fair that I also get to recycle revisit the related small article I wrote last year, muhaha.

As a short summary, since coffee doesn’t really fill one’s stomach, nor does it hold the same attached cultural/social values as in Italy, some Taiwanese food vendors have localized the suspended coffee concept into suspended meals, called 待用餐 or sometimes 愛心待用餐. So basically, you pre-pay a meal for someone in need or who cannot afford it. Some shops will have a board keeping a tally of suspended meal items available, or others will instead buy food to donate to charities.

I checked through the links I had jotted down back then (yes, another reason I have this blog is to bookmark those kind of links, not important enough to keep in my personal list but interesting enough to keep somewhere, here! 😏), and it was nice to see that the initiative is still active.

Netizens have put together a map to locate vendors participating in the suspended meal operation, and some fb groups also regularly post updates of new adherents, etc… You can also read more about suspended meals (in English) here, here and here.

I haven’t actually run into one of those places as of yet, or simply haven’t paid enough attention, but it’s encouraging to know that this operation of goodwill has been ongoing all of this time, and not just picking up again.

On that note, I hope everyone had a jolly Christmas! New Year’s is upon us, ‘hope you’re all ready for it! 😘

(last updated: 2014/12/28 日)


5 thoughts on “Suspended Coffee Taiwan Style

  1. I wouldn’t mind getting a coffee like that for free however some real food would be even better….sadly I doubt very much that this would ever work in Germany, the bureaucracy you know, not that it will be strictly forbidden but there will be so many hurdles for the shop owners/ restaurant owner to take such as some weird extra tax filling process that no one will do it (not sure if it is like that but as I know germany everything is very complicated :))


  2. I have never heard of this in Taiwan before but a free lunch or dinner would certainly be awesome! However, I have heard that some people do this in Canada at Tim Horton’s (a famous Canadian coffee shop). They pay for a coffee for the next one in line at the drive through.


    1. XD Looking at CrazyChineseFamily’s comment and yours, I guess it wasn’t clear from my post that this suspended coffee/meal concept is meant to benefit the needy ones, haha. Cool to hear that they do something similar in Canada too, definitely a concept to export!


      1. Sorry, I misunderstood. Maybe I was thinking about my friends broadcasting on facebook about their free coffee and the picture may have had me dreaming for coffee myself!! 🙂 My bad – I thought it was more of a ‘pay it forward’ type of deal.

        Yes, if it is for the needy, then it is a great concept and hopefully it will continue and more will be generous.

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