Taiwanvore Digest #16 – December 2014

Here’s a specimen of the the bane of my existence in Taiwan: mosquitoes! I am one of those who happen to attract mosquitoes, and I wouldn’t mind them sucking on my blood so much if only they didn’t leave some saliva behind. I used to smack them, but a wall splattered with specks of blood isn’t fengshui recommended, so I’ve now resorted to capturing and releasing them, ‘hoping that it’ll gain me some karmic point down the road. 😉

Pheww, did December just flew by?

For this last Taiwanvore Digest edition of the year, I thought I’d share some Taiwan-centric blogs I’ve enjoyed reading, a list to be tacked onto Taiwan Explorer’s 10 well designed Taiwan blogs (who kindly included me in it, haha). The list is non-exhaustive, but I have a blogroll in the works where I’ll share more of my favorite blogs. And as usual, I’ve done a recap of tweets that’ll speak for themselves.

I will still do a monthly round-up kind of thing next year, maybe in a different format, under a new name or a new schedule, I’m not sure yet, we shall see.

And with that, let me sign off, and prepare to go cross out one more item on my bucket list: Fireworks at Taipei 一零一! 🌟🎉🎆🎉💖🎊😘

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year 2015!
Bonne année et bonne santé à tous!

Cool blogs to follow.

Translating Taiwanese Literature. This is the reincarnation of Taiwanese Got Character which was featured in Taiwan Explorer’s list. I really like this blog because it totally speaks to the Chinese and Taiwanese learning geek in me. 😎

Another Far Country. Follow the year of a Swede exchange student in Hsinchu. Nice postcard-like posts and candid observations of university life and Taiwan in general. Fun to also learn bits of Swedish culture through her blog, like the Lucia celebration, which Taiwanese students appear to have embraced, fearless of wearing a crown with lit up candles (did no one warn them on the high flammability of hair?!).

Foreign Sanctuary. Taichung representing here, from a Canadian who has been in Taiwan before the place was cool and all. She’s currently writing a book about her up-until-now life in Taiwan. Too bad she’s in Taichung, otherwise she maybe could title the book “Taipei” and do it justice (I apologize to all Tao Lin’s fans out there for picking on him 😜).

And then, there’s the Fullbrighters clan. Every year brings in a new crop, and a few of them will open a dedicated blog to write about their experience. You can follow some of the current cohort here (interesting read on what a stay at a Taiwanese hospital is like), here, here, here and here. I don’t know if it is suggested to them to blog about their experience in Taiwan, but I always find it fun to read impressions from people who come to Taiwan with a blank slate about the place. They also give us a glimpse of American and Taiwanese diplomacy at work, although, as stated on all of their sites, their blogs do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program or U.S. Department of State.

Selected tweets.


7 thoughts on “Taiwanvore Digest #16 – December 2014

  1. My wife seems to be a mosquito magnet as well, I on the other hand didn’t get any mosquito bite in several years (Finland is just overrun by them during summer time!)

    I really wonder why so many people are trying and succeeding in overloading their own bicycles and scooters 😮 don’t they know how damn dangerous that is? I still got some videos from China where three to four people squeeze themselves on a scooter….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, yeah, China has even better example of overloaded bicycles, I have no idea how they do it, but admire their skills at succeeding at it!
      And I guess that I will never go visit Finland during summer, thanks for the warning, haha.


  2. Mosquitoes gravitate towards my husband as well – if he is around, I never get a bite (I guess he acts as my human insect repellant). 😉

    Oh, and my book could very well have Taipei in the title as I lived in Taipei for 6 years before moving to central Taiwan.

    And say what? Toy Story 3 using Taipei for its setting! How cool is that!!

    Oh, and you went north to see the fireworks and I headed south to E-Da!

    Happy New Year! Looks like the Taipei 101 fireworks were awesome!


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