NYE at Taipei 101: 宵夜ing & Crowd Control

Wu Pao Chun survival stash. 🍞🍩🍵
Waiting for the fireworks. 🍞🍩🍵

Knowing there’d be some idle time before the fireworks, I had earlier in the afternoon stopped by Wu Pao Chun 吳寶春 to pick up some supplies for the evening. I really ought to dedicate an article to Wu Pao Chun one day, as I’ve grown to quite enjoy what he does. It’s not that his breads are out-of-this-world mind-blowing good, but it has become a kind of comfort food for me, and his baguettes usually always retain that crunchy crispy crust 😍.

So after walking around for a while to check out all the excitement going on, we found a spot and sat on the cold tarmac around 11pm, started digging in the pile, pacing ourselves to make it last just right before the fireworks started.

Experiencing the fireworks at the feet of 101 was exciting, although all the spectators there do miss out on the choreography of the show and the music that goes along with it. To enjoy the latter, I believe that you need to be in the vicinities of the Taipei City Hall.

Here are some other random snapshots of the night.

Carefree. In her three layers of jackets, laid down, and with a bag of chips on her right side, this little girl seemed to be fully enjoying herself as well.
Taiwan. The cyclist stopped for a bit, and a lady passing by asked to take a picture of the flag. There wasn’t enough wind for it to float in the air, so a bystander came to the rescue so she could get her snapshot.
Taiwanesque. Crowd control was maintained outside of the subway entrance. A man with a yellow hand stick was doing a sort of stand-up show to entertain the crowd, or so I thought. Actually, it sounds like Taipei Metro had dispatched some staff at various exits to keep the waiting crowd happy with game quizzes and prizes to win.

Best 2015 wishes to everyone! 😘


6 thoughts on “NYE at Taipei 101: 宵夜ing & Crowd Control

  1. Wow, most people appear to wear jackets that I would think it’s -20 degrees Celsius there 😀

    Like in mainland China whenwe visited during September few years back, it was still plus 26 degrees Celsius so I was wearing shorts and tshirts but nearly all people there had already jackets…and when MIL came over to finland during winter time there was never anything wArm enough for her, no matter how many layers of clothes she wore :p


    1. It’s weird here because it can be warm during the day, then temperatures drop in the evening. I think it was more like 12°C or so, would you still wear shorts and a t-shirt? 😀


  2. Looks like you were very prepared!! Did you take any photos of the fireworks?

    I know why they some entertainment outside the MRT station. One time I was literally lifted off of my feet with the crowd pushing, trying to get into the MRT station after the fireworks.


    1. Nah, no pictures as I wanted to fully enjoy the fireworks 😛
      Your experience in the MRT sounds scary, glad to see they’ve foud a creative way to deal with that now!


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