#Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

Yay, I finally jumped on the (still) “hip” and “cool” Instagram bandwagon, and hopefully won’t ruin it due to my demographics, haha.

I’m not sure my joining Instagram is worthy of an actual blog post, but this is just another venue to share this kooky picture of Taipei 101, and I hope it brings at least a one-second of LOL to your day as it does to me whenever I look at it.

Taipei 101
I need more practice taking panoramic photos 😅.

Unlike the Instagramified version, the above is the original #PanoShotGoneWrong copy, in all of its raw and imperfect “beauty”. This is what happens when you (Ok, I) do an athletic walk up Elephant Mountain 象山, and start taking pictures with a brain clearly running low on oxygen, because of the elevation, you know. 😉

I think this was the result of my phone being locked on portrait mode, starting the panorama shot by holding the phone horizontally, before realizing that it should be vertical, or something along those moves. I actually only noticed the picture a while after, while sorting through my photos. At first, I was 😮 and then XD. Clumsy me!

Someone on Twitter suggested to send the photo to Pfizer for their next Viagra campaign… and considering that Taiwan is planning a “Sex Theme Park”, this might not be a bad suggestion, eh.

On a technical note, I’m using the IFTT service to relay pictures from Instagram to Twitter.


3 thoughts on “#Instagram #Taiwan #HereIAm

  1. In all honesty, it is one of the coolest pictures ever!! 🙂

    However, I don’t think the words Elephant Mountain and elevation go hand-in-hand! 😉 Lucky for you the view was good – the day I went, I didn’t see a thing (typical Taipei smog was in the way)!

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