Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

Somewhere in Taipei…

Welcome to Friday Bible Study! ⛪️

Just kidding. Amen. 😈

Although, after flipping through Lao Tzu: My Words Are Very Easy to Understand (which hum, yes, they are when translated into English), I may consider inaugurating a Tao Teh Ching 道德經 Study Group, because WOW! I don’t know what it is, but reading the original in Chinese and the English translation just doesn’t hit the same nerves. It’s amazing how a verse composed of just a few sinograms can be loaded with some much “wisdom”. Each sentence just feels so intense, as if Lao Tzu was in front of me, lecturing me 😑, but well, I’m gonna leave that on the shelf for now, and stick to some lighter reading. Anyway, I digress, again!

It’s not the first time I see habitants complaining about a food business in their neighborhood, I think it’s even pretty common no matter which country, but I’ve never actually witnessed such a public display of discontentment, as it’s been the case in Taipei.

For some odd reasons, the message of the above place is written in English, so I imagine that it must have close to zero effect on the majority of the patrons who happens to be Taiwanese, and therefore, must be completely oblivious to it. To really get the message through, how about posting pictures of the banner on Instagram with the tagged location?😁 Unfortunately, for those upstairs neighbors, the shop makes good food, business is brisk, so I doubt the smoke will go out any time soon.😕

I actually thought to write about this spot, but then noticed the sign on my second visit, and considered it’d be wiser to not add oil to the wood fire, although as I found out later, if you are a long time follower of a notorious Taipei food blogger, then you probably already know of this place. And now that you’re aware of the sign, will it deter you from going back? 😉

The first banner wasn’t big enough, so another was made to clearly make it known to the world that the upstairs tenants adamantly disapprove of the upcoming restaurant.

While on a pastry errand, I passed through this somewhat old residential neighborhood, which noticeably used to remain calm before hip’ and trendy restaurants, bars, and other shops started opening in the vicinities and on that particular street as well.

I wonder how potential customers react to those kind of messages, and if there’s any kind of regulations at all regarding opening food businesses because it sure feels like everywhere is a free-for-all opportunity to open a restaurant or snack shop.

Actually, while in France, I also used to live right above a food establishment (and right next to a no-go zone 😂), but it was a boulangerie shop, and I had no objections whatsoever at waking up to the smell of fresh bread. I even suggest that you take this in account, should you ever move there. 😛


One thought on “Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

  1. Silly people are everywhere :p

    But then again I can kind of understand that the constant smell of smoke it annoying and can be also bad for the health. No idea in which side I would be , probably I need to try out the food first!

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