January 2015 Mashup

A park near the  Museum of Fine Arts 美術館, in Kaohsiung.
A park near the Museum of Fine Arts 美術館, in Kaohsiung.
Is this urban art or a playground (if so, for what kind of game?!)?

I used to carry around a set of colored pencils, advertised as unbreakable, but eventually came to terms with my lack of drawing skills, and gifted them on to a more artistically skilled friend. Thinking about it now revives the wish that I should have held on to them, sigh, I can be so sentimental with objects… maybe I ought to get my hands on and read the much raved The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book to suppress any lingering temptations of hoarding stuff.

This feeling of colorful nostalgia (or that I wanted to claim back my gift?) made me halt to take this snapshot. And amidst the tragical Charlie Hebdo episode, those pencils appeared like a tribute to them and other martyrs victim of exercising their rights of freedom of speech to the fullest.

Living on this “ghost island 鬼島”, I often feel immune to all the gruesome craziness happening in other parts of the world (I wish I could say the same of food scandals, ah!), and even take for granted this almost ubiquitous feeling of safeness, but it also wasn’t so long ago that any kind of perceived political dissension (such as a misinterpreted translation of a Popeye comic strip) was brutally repressed, don’t forget.

Blog housekeeping.

You may have noticed some funky romanization in my last few posts, it is intentional, and I’ll justify why I decided to do so in a later post. If it bewilders some readers, then bewildered they shall be! Actually, I’m bewildering myself as well. 😛

My post Food Vocabulary in Taiwanese/Minnan from a few months ago surprisingly piqued the interest of quite a few people out there, so I polished it with some embedded SoundCloud audio that I ripped got from  moedict 萌典.

I’m finally on Instagram!


Not that it was a new year’s resolution, but I went on a run for the first time in a long while, it felt great and it’s with much pain the following day that I realized the existence of my quadriceps. I also discovered Taipei Running, a blog sharing useful tips for running around Taiwan, and a good motivating factor for me to repeat this physical prowess. That’s good since I’ve been semi-contemplating signing-up for the Taipei 101 Run Up, whether or not this will come to fruition, we will see… 😬 And after reading this testimonial of the Batman Night Run in Kaohsiung, I just can’t help but picturing some selfie-maniac participants running up 101, causing selfie-stick traffic jams o_O, and me ploughing through them all :twisted:.


I’ve barely done a dent in my self-assigned task of eating through the 雄好呷 book that the second edition just got published. It’s got a new cover, is updated with additional restaurant reviews and includes some coupons to a few establishments featured in the book. At the rate of my food reporting, you’re probably better off buying the updated copy and eat through the places at your pace ;). I have to say that it does make for a great Chinese reading practice material.

To make it easier on myself, I decided to blog only about the places that I really like. Writing about places that I enjoy is already hard enough, so writing about uninspiring places is even more challenging. Usually, it’s not that the food is bad but rather a mix of cultural gap (sometimes I just fail relating to the author’s experience), and me being a picky diner 😅.

Selected tweets.


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