On a Kawaii note: Miniature Space

Over the past week, a few cooking videos shot in a miniature kitchen have been popping up on my fb timeline. This cute project, Miniature Space, has only a YouTube channel to its name, but the videos have been going quite viral.

For the Miyazaki’s fans out there, this gives us a cool glimpse at what it must feel like to cook as a miniature person, like Arriety. 😉

Here’s my favorite video where the author is cooking Japanese curry. Just listen to the sound of the sizzling ingredients and the bubbling pot, isn’t this appetizing?!


5 thoughts on “On a Kawaii note: Miniature Space

  1. That is crazy and adorable and I love it! XD Will definitely spend (waste??) some time checking out the others. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


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