February 2015 – 洋洋如意

慈善大龜王 (Benevolent Giant Turtle King). It’s that time of the year again, where the giantest turtle in Taiwan comes out. Whoever will win the divination block competition gets to take home this 18 tons baby, made up of 3600 bags of rice noodles, among other dry foods. At night, it makes a small pilgrimage around the block and stops near the Sanduo intersection to stretch its head and feet, indeed, they’ve made it so that it moves. XD
There’s actually also an army of turtles in smaller sizes at the Yi Cheng temple 意誠堂, located near the Sanduo shopping district, so if you’re in the vicinities (until March 7th), stop by for a look, else, there’s always next year. 🙂

February is already gone, yikes! I’ve managed to post something twice a week, except for the last one where I went MIA, on the East coast.

I never got serious about planning a trip to Hualien 花蓮, put off by the idea of a long train ride, and then found out it’d take only four hours, for 1251 NT round-trip. This sparked my motivation to at last organize a short get-away to Hualien.

Although four hours of train isn’t that long, I think that it’s now my threshold. I’m usually fond of train travel, but sometimes, those can turn into an interesting olfactory experience, with each stops bringing in a new wave of smells, mostly from food, not foot, eh. Someday, I’ll join the party and embark with a bowl of stinky tofu soup, and some durian for dessert. Oh, I was gonna forget some over-ripened camembert for the cheese course. What an inspiring train trip it’s been! 😈

Mid-February, an earthquake stroke in Taitung,  powerful enough to wake me in my sleep, quite unsettling it was. I’ve also found myself spending more time in the Yancheng 鹽埕 district. The Pier-2 Art Center keeps expanding, with the area C which seems to welcome new shops week after week. Lots of artsy and crafty boutiques, trendy dining places, and most notably two new hipster coffee shops, Now&Then and Lab 駁二. For coffee aficionados out there, the latter is home of a fancy Steampunk, a name which doesn’t really brings coffee to mind… but maybe more suited for a hip’ vacuum cleaner, don’t you think? 😉

Anyway, that’s for February. I’m not sure continuing to post monthly random ramblings on the blog was such a good idea, haha, but I think I finally get why some people choose to do monthly newsletters via email instead, sigh, blog and learn.

So, with much belatedness, here’s to a new Lunar Year and a new month! 心想事成! 😘

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3 thoughts on “February 2015 – 洋洋如意

  1. Maybe I should write an article about xi’an, perhaps my in laws will also get some thanks from the main people, 🙂

    The first pictures just reminded me on those many turtle soups I see in Chinese restaurants. In the beginning I was wondering if people actually eat it but yes….Everytime in bigger restaurants I see multiple plates of that dish served,poor little turtles 😦


    1. Haha, you’d make your in laws proud for sure XD
      Sad to hear about those turtle soups, I don’t think I’ve seen this dish in Taiwan yet.


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