Taiwan Passport

Urban art in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I’ve been meaning to write a book review of 我的青春、我的FORMOSA, it’s long overdue, and I don’t despair of publishing it… before the end of the year ;). In this book, I learned a few interesting facts about Taiwan, one of them being the controversial introduction of TAIWAN on the cover of the then Taiwanese REPUBLIC OF CHINA passport. This happened actually fairly recently, in 2002, under President Chen Shui-Bian 陳水扁.

This leaves me wondering, will the idea of removing REPUBLIC OF CHINA be brought to the table some day? Hence, making it less confusing (especially to foreigners), and asserting Taiwan as a country in its own right. Likely not, but it’d sure make for a fine April Fool’s Day joke, don’t you think? 😈

(last updated: 2015/04/09 四)


7 thoughts on “Taiwan Passport

  1. I agree with you that by removing it can be less confusing for foreigners as people often can’t distinguish the difference between “people’s republic” and just “republic”. On the other hand, I feel like by just using Taiwan is a bit too informal/casual?


    1. Understanding the difference between PRC and ROC demands a little bit of effort to really get why they are called as so, and the political subleties attached to it. When I first visited/learned of Taiwan, I actually didn’t bother to understand, only later did I finally educate myself on the topic, haha. “Taiwan” is just simpler!

      I think Republic of Taiwan is a compromise that’s been suggested, but how to translate that? Would 臺灣民國 make sense in Chinese? Haha.

      You raised a very interesting point of view though, I never thought of “Taiwan” as being informal/casual.
      Thanks for your sharing your thoughts on this topic! 🙂


  2. 台灣e店 (http://www.taiouan.com.tw/) sells a passport cover (http://ppt.cc/xyoo) that says “Taiwan Passport” and 臺灣護照. The map of Taiwan on the cover is based on the flag of the World Taiwanese Congress (http://www.taiwandc.org/flags.htm), which is a symbol of the Taiwanese independence movement.

    The only way “Republic of China” will be removed from the passport is when the KMT dissolves and the ROC falls. The only way to maintain Taiwan’s democracy is to remove the ROC government.

    About “Taiwan” being casual or informal: it’s what the PRC wants people to think to fuel the confusion between the PRC and ROC. Don’t succumb to it. The name Taiwan has officially been around since the 1600s. We need to take back the name by changing people’s perceptions of it.


    1. Hehe, cool passport cover. You’d mentioned this shop last time, and I actually went there on my last Taipei trip, the place is a little run-down but has quite a lot of interesting stuff! Kudos for the tip!

      What you say reminds me of what a Taiwanese friend often says 「國民黨要倒,臺灣才會好」, hehe.

      Thanks for the insightful comment!


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