March 2015 – Do good

A lovely new coffee shop with good coffee and good ethics, what's not to not like about it?
Do good. A lovely new coffee shop with good coffee and good ethics, what’s not to like about it? 🙂

March is gone, taking with him some the smog that’s been hovering over Kaohsiung for the past few weeks. The thermostat has noticeably been cranked up a notch, which is nice, although a little rain would be very much welcomed too. It’s been raining every so often, that whenever it does, I’ve come to appreciate the sound of raindrops free falling onto the roof and windows, and the breath of freshness that it brings, so yeah, plum rain season 梅雨節, bring it on!

Blog Housekeeping. A new night market in town called for an update of the Map of Kaohsiung Night Markets, which is now done! Aside from the new Kangshan Flower Night Market 岡山花園夜市, I’ve also added the older Kangshan Jhongshan night market 岡山中山夜市 which I had omitted early on.

Now, I wish I wouldn’t feel compelled to go on the following blog rant, but without going into the details, I wanted to give a friendly reminder that I make my blog public  — and have clearly indicated the sharing terms — because as cynical as I can be, I choose to believe that people will be courteous enough to link back where credit is due. And for the most part I’ve found that people actually do show that courtesy, even if it’s just for an external link that they’ve stumbled through my blog. ¡Muchas gracias to you guys!

I share content that I find interesting and which I think could be useful for others, so I try to get my facts right. It may not seem obvious, but blogging takes time, to research information — which can be quite horrendous if it requires diving into the Taiwanese web-sphere —, to edit, to proofread, to process pictures, etc… so sure, a sentence is just a few words, but distilling thoughts into coherent phrases does take some effort, so including credit with a link even for just 2-3 sentences — gives that recognition and shows a minimum of online 公德心.

Let’s do good. 🐱

Yelp. ‘Tis now in Taiwan! I won’t lie, during my short stay in the states, I was an avid Yelp user, using the service mostly to discover new restaurants. Just like on Amazon, some people go to great length to describe their experiences and share tips, and let’s face it, that’s rather helpful! Yelp has actually been in operation for a few months already, and the number of reviews some users  — in most cases Yelp scouts  — have already churned out is rather amazing, if not superhuman. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the service expands, and if they manage to convert some of the prolific Taiwanese bloggers out there.

Pier-2 駁二. The C area consisting of small shops, art galleries, coffee shops and now a bar(!) seems to be coming along smoothly. I find it hard to not stop there at least once of a week, especially with the beautiful sunsets gracing us in the evenings. For having visited a few of those Japanese-era big old factories rehabilitated into Creative Park all over Taiwan, I find that the Pier-2 is indeed well-deserving of the Most Creative Public Space title. There are activities for all range of ages, art galleries, a bunch of small shops and the area is great for all sort of creative photo-ops. As for dining options, I kind of wish all those places could find the right balance between Western food and Taiwanese fare, unless 義大利麵 has now become part of the Taiwanese food culture. XD Fortunately, some good old eateries are just a stone’s throw away.

Thanks for reading! 😘

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