Straying Alive 🐶😺

I remember viewing the trailer for Twelve Nights 十二夜 during a pre-show at the movie theater, and as much as I love documentaries, I was not so enthused on watching this one in full (movie review). I mean, if a guy admits to almost weeping from watching this film, I can only imagine crying my heart out throughout each scenes, or have it fuel my cynicism. Either way, the trailer was enough to make me “aware”.

But well, as tough as the documentary may be, I don’t think it could be as harsh as witnessing the municipal hygiene canine brigade – those missioned with catching stray animals – in action.

On that day, I saw them painstakingly trying to dump a dog in a cage, but the helpless animal was still entangled in the net and struggling to find his way out. Whenever he’d put his paws on the ledge of the cage, the employees would slap on them with a wooden stick, and then continue pushing him down into the cage, trying to get him to a stand-still. Stacked in the trunk of the blue truck were cages with dogs imprisoned in it, some barking, others making crying sound. Memories of this encounter have faded in my mind so I’m really making it sound way less horrible than it was. Still, I vividly remember how brutal, heart-wrenching it was to be a by-stander to such a horrible scene, which totally put a damper on this otherwise sunny afternoon.

On the brighter side, I’ve recently come accross some inspiring posts about helping those stray animals, read on:

On a random but related note, while looking around on the Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Office 高雄市動物保護處 website, I found out that they are currently subsidizing the cost of neutering cats or dogs, most likely to help mitigate the number of stray animals. Also, if interested in adopting in Kaohsiung, you can browse the website of the municipal shelter, but from what I understand there’s also many other private organizations out there helping stray animals find a new home, so if you can, adopt don’t shop.


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