Up, Up, Up

Vertical World Circuit 2015.
Vertical World Circuit 2015.

So, I signed-up for the 4rth edition of the Taipei 101 Run Up, taking place on May 3rd. The online registration went without a hitch, it was easy, so easy, that I forgot it meant walking up the second tallest building in the world. XD The 3000 individual spots did  get snatched off in two days, so the event surely enjoys some popularity.

Though confident that my daily dose of cycling and walking was enough to keep me in shape, I still figured it’d be a good idea to train a little (duh!), especially after reading the detailed race review from a Vertical Run pro. So, two weeks ago, I went and walked about a thousand stairs at a fast pace, a more strenuous exercise than I originally thought, and which at times made me want to puke my innards. Verdict: I am so not ready.

But practice makes perfect, and after a few other sessions, I’m feeling much more confident that I’ll cross the finish line on my feet, and not crawling. Since I’m only seeking the glory of finishing the race, I’ve actually decided to fast-walk it instead of running. This should make it easier on my knees and avoid an epic fall on my face in case I misstep.

About the course, here are a few important details to know and be mentally prepared:

  • there are 2 046 steps spread over 91 floors
  • floors 1 to 6 have 33 stairs
  • floors 7 to 91 have 22 stairs
  • according to the pros, the Taipei 101 stairs are ginormous!

Looking for more training inspiration, I also turned to the tips and tricks section on the official website of the race. Here are my favorites:

The best is to train right after waking, or right after work; do not over-think things or allow yourself the time to find excuses to put off your training regimen.

Ok, I will not procrastinate, but isn’t it a bit brutal to walk-up a few hundreds stairs right after waking up

if the training venue permits, train every week in the confined space of a building’s emergency staircase, since oxygen levels, temperatures, and ventilation differ from that of open spaces.

Yes. I think the confined nature of those Vertical Run make it both harder physically and psychologically. The air is stagnant, it quickly feels stuffy, and the lack of windows and surrounding concrete does create a claustrophobic atmosphere.

Wherever you choose to train, make sure you won’t get locked in!

Apply vaseline to relevant places to avoid skin irritation caused by friction.

I don’t know if there’s really a threat of chafing on such a short run, but this a good reminder for guys  as in ♂   to avoid a case of bloody nipples, so apply vaseline accordingly. 😉

You may bring along bananas or dried foods

Huh I guess this implies consuming the food before the race as I don’t really picture myself walking up and munching on stuff at the same time, although leaving a banana peel here and there could be a good tactic to gain a few spots on the final ranking list. 😉

Encourage fellow competitors that you surpass, and keep positive.

Yes, be nice, encourage other participants. I know I’ll need some cheer up. Haha.

Wearing a pair of gloves will reduce the burden on your feet and increase your climbing speed.

Magic gloves? Where can I get them

Ok, in case this isn’t obvious, this is referring to those who plan on hogging the ramp bar as a support.

After completing the challenge, congratulate yourself.

Ok, I will, thanks for the reminder. 😎

Usually by this time you will be jubilant; do not forget that you still need to stretch your muscles and allow your body to cool down.

Wow, I just can’t wait to see how jubilant I will be!

If you’re also doing the race, make sure to read the introduction page for some important logistic information, such as the pre-race health check right before getting in the starting blocks. The page also mentions being able to check the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA) website to confirm the registration, but does not provide a link to it o_O, so here it is.

It’s been ages since I took part in this kind of event that I forgot there was all this preparation and training to do, and does not just involve me showing up, haha.

Now, the last item to figure out, where to go eat and celebrate afterwards? 😀


6 thoughts on “Up, Up, Up

  1. Good luck, practice makes perfect but also plan well ahead so you rest for a few days before the event.
    Before important competitions we had usually a slow decline in practice so our bodies would be perfectly rested for the big event 🙂


    1. Thanks! Good thing I’ve been following your blog, it’s made me more conscious of training and pay attention to the organization of the race and other details. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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