Opizza – Oh yes! (khh)

BBQ veggies, and Margherita pizza.

When I first heard of Opizza, they were still exclusively operating as an online ordering business. Since then, they’ve opened a shop in Aozihdi 凹子底, with the online ordering system still in effect. A few tables are available for those wanting to dine-in, but there’s also a big park with a pond nearby which makes it a popular picnic destination.

Earlier this month, to recover from a grey week-end in Taipei, I finally went and checked it out, looking for some badly needed junk comfort food.

Going with the basics, I ordered a Margherita, and after about 20 minutes, off I went to enjoy my pizza under the shade at the park. The pizza only comes in size of 11 inches, an optimal size to not be left hungry nor feel bloated afterwards.

As described in their online menu, they use a fresh blend of tomatoes, fresh garlic and Taiwanese basilic 九層塔 for the toppings, simple but good. Besides the mozzarella, some Pecorino Romano was also sprinkled on the pizza, a nice cheesy touch.

Guessing that the cheese most likely came from Costco, a few days later, I tagged along a friend to get inside the American Food mecca, and came out with chunk of Pecorino Romano for my own consumption. Pecorino Romano is made from sheep’s milk, which when not pasteurized to death, makes for a fragrant and slightly pungent cheese. Some are put off by the the stronger taste of cheese made out of sheep or goat, but I indulge in it. On my lazy cooking days, a bowl of Italian pasta drizzled with olive oil and finished off with some grated Pecorino Romano is enough to make me happy. Cough, cough, sorry, I digress again. Back to Opizza.

Shared the last bits of my pizza with some ants. Go teamwork!
Sharing fallen bits of Pecorino Romano with some ants. Go teamwork! 😀

Satisfied by my first visit, I went back a few days later and got a BBQ Veggie. I loved the sight and taste of the fresh mushrooms, but smiled at the presence of cilantro. I’ve eaten my share of pizza in this world, but maybe I’m not adventurous enough as this was my first time ever seeing cilantro as a topping. An interesting Taiwanese twist, I thought to myself, but well, I do love cilantro and could eat it by the bushels, so I didn’t mind.

As for the crust, it is light and has a good bite to it, and not greasy(!) so not a crumb goes to waste under my watch. I think that they let the dough rest over night, which explains why it’s got a pretty good taste and texture. They’ve also recently started to make bread, but I haven’t gotten a chance to taste it yet.

I haven’t tasted other options from the menu, but I reckon that they do not disappoint either. Overall, there’s a good balance in the amount of toppings, sauce, and seasoning. My only comment about Opizza, and actually many other pizza joints, would be, why oh why use canned pineapples when Taiwan grows backyards full of them? :/ 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

Aside from the food, the owners and service are really nice which rounds up for yet another pleasant dining option in Kaohsiung.

Costco is nearby, but why not skip it next time and give Opizza a chance. 🙂

Website: http://www.opizza.us and fb
Additional Reviews+Photos: here
Price: 240NT+
Menu: in English and Chinese
Business hours: 4-9:30pm from Tuesday to Friday, 11:30-2pm & 4:30pm-9:30pm for Saturday and Sunday. Note that they may close sooner in case they’re sold out early.


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