May 2015 – 戰勝自己

Love the funky drawings at this friendly juice stand. ^^ (a cute one from last year.)

Well, I’m currently surfing on a Murphy’s Law wave of some sort, so I’ll make this one short, and avoid delaying this monthly post more than it is already. 😖

I’ve written quite a few posts since starting this blog, so I did a little curation to unearth some of the more interesting articles, as can be seen on the right column. I’m still fixing broken links here and there, because how annoying is it to click and land on an page that is no more As much I can, I try to avoid this deception, but really, what is really needed is a complete facelift for this blog, in a near near future, I hope!

Thanks for following. 🙂

From another blog.

I always love it when a story or anything that I read that’s not food-related features some food scenes, it unleashes all sorts of delicious scenes in my imagination. I guess that’s what happens when you read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over and over again during your youth.

So here, I wanted to share a little excerpt  from The World Is Not That Big, where he recounted his hike of Beidawushan 北大武山:

“One unique thing about Taiwanese camping groups is that they like to cook up elaborate meals in the mountains even if they are carrying all of the food and gear for many hours.  On a different hike one group carried an entire chicken and went through the long rotisserie process over an open fire.  It was interesting to watch but it would frustrate me after a long day of hiking.  Most foreigners seem to prefer survival food consisting of packets of noodles.  I’m a little more ambitious with my cooking and volunteered to cook for the group.  We enjoyed pasta (gluten free for me), fresh mini corn, green beans and garlic with canned chicken (Costco), olive oil, basil and seasoned salt.  It’s pretty awesome and not that hard if you know how to boil water.”

A rôtisserie chicken after a day of hiking, oh my, oh my!

On a related note, I’m always a little baffled to see all the cast-iron cookware at outdoors shops in Taiwan. I mean, as cool as they are, who in their right mind would lug those on a hiking or camping trip. o_O

Chinese expression of the month.

Getting close to the top of Taipei 101.
Getting close to the top of Taipei 101.
戰勝自己 – from 萌典.

A motivational expression for this month, which I caught as I neared the end of the Taipei 101 Run. The expression translates as “defeat yourself“. A simple expression, yet I doubt I would have translated it correctly in Chinese, so making a note of it here! 🙂

This month, I also stumped myself for not knowing how to say an arm, it’s 胳膊 if you’re curious to know.

Some tweets.

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    1. It’s was cool, just that they were super late in sending people off on the race. I’ll write a post about it with all the details! 🙂

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