N7分子冰淇淋 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (khh)

Molecular ice cream at N7.

Update (2016/08/31 三): passed by it today, and after all, it is opened! Better give them a ring if you plan to go there.

Update (2016/06/24 五): I’ve passed a few times by this place recently, and it’s always been closed… so don’t waste time trekking there.

Did you know that Kaohsiung had a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop? Not only that, it claims to be Taiwan’s first of its kind, a fact that I’ve left uncheck…

During my university years, I had friends from the bio-chemistry department. At one of their social event, they managed to secure a big cylinder of liquid nitrogen  likely not FDA-approved for human consumption to make ice-cream with it. Wearing safety glasses and thick gloves, they poured the liquid substance in a big bowl containing milk and a dash of vanilla extract. A white cloud started fuming as they manually whisked the mixture, and in less than 30 seconds, voilà!

Ice cream in the making, and safety gloves are apparently optional these days, whatever happened to 安全第一? On the left is lemon yoghurt ice cream drizzled with honey.

I was highly dubious of the whole thing, but then tasted it, and was pleasantly surprised that it worked, it was vanilla ice cream! There was some bananas and chocolate syrup to make a banana split, but I was so in awe at this delicious experiment  my very first and up-close encounter with molecular gastronomy – that I was content savouring it 原味 (original flavor).

So last month, when the temperatures started rising, and my having a late-night craving for dessert, all the stars finally aligned for a stop at N7.

Can't say no to free ice cream. :P
Flavors pictured: lemon yoghurt with honey, Oreo, and blueberry.

It was almost closing time when I swung by, and the owner kindly offered a generous sample of blueberry, probably to avoid wasting some leftover ice cream mix. It was definitely too much, but how was I to refuse? 😀

Overall, I enjoyed the different flavors, although I don’t recall having a favorite one in particular. The flavors regularly changes, with the current ones featuring some summery aiwen mango 愛文芒果. Each serving is priced at 90NT, and is made to order. All in all, N7 is a fun eats, one that I may visit once in a blue moon, but still good to have in my address book, to curb my future impromptu late-night dessert craving. 😈

The shop is located in a small alley, not far from the Sinjhong Food Night Market 興中夜市, near the Sanduo shopping district. It opens from 16h30 to 21h30, and closes kind of whenever, so do double-check their fb before heading there. Also, keep in mind that there’s only seating right outside of the shop, so no AC, but a 7-11 is nearby in case you want to escape the ruthless Kaohsiung summer heat and humidity. 🌞


3 thoughts on “N7分子冰淇淋 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (khh)

  1. I have never heard even of liquid nitrogen ice cream before. Highly unlikely it would pass the strict regulations in Germany so I have to hope for a holiday in Taiwan to try it out perhaps :p


    1. I know they have some in the USA too, but you’re right, Europeans countries are so much more stricter. But then again, you’re next to Italy which has delicious gelato! I could definitely only live with that. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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